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Gears Of War: Judgment Cheats "Unlockable Multiplayer Characters" (Xbox 360)


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Unlockable Multiplayer Characters **Updated 2 years ago**

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:
Baird (Aftermath) Unlock any achievement.
Cole (Aftermath) Survive 10 waves in Survival mode.
Paduk (Aftermath) Complete the Aftermath Campaign.
Loomis Complete the Main Campaign.
Minh Earn 10 Stars (Campaign).
Tai Earn 126 Stars (Campaign).
Onyx Guard (Male) Become a VIP Member (Purchase Season Pass).
Onyx Guard (Female) Become a VIP Member (Purchase Season Pass).
Anya Stroud Walmart pre-order bonus.
Tai (Jungle) Brisk promotion exclusive.
Alex Brand Best Buy pre-order bonus.
Young Marcus Gamestop pre-order bonus.
Young Dom Amazon pre-order bonus.
Augustus Cole Survive the 10th wave in survival

2 years ago

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