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Gears Of War Cheats "Crabwalking" (Xbox 360)

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This glitch allows you to run and shoot at the same time. However, it may take a few attempts to master it. Also, this glitch only works at Gridlock and you must not be the host. Run out of the little area you start in and notice the boxes that can serve as cover on your right or left, depending on which side you are on. It is the side always next to the ocean. Take out your Lancer and move towards any one of the three boxes. You should see some stairs where the bottom of the box meets going up toward the top of the box. Look at the far corner of the box and run towards it, then press A + B. If done correctly, you should be at the corner of the box taking cover, but you should be floating in the air above the stairs. Then, tap the Left Analog-stick Down. You should be crouching above the corner of the box while still in the air. Next, move the Left Analog-stick to the outside of the box, but do not tap it. At the bottom of your screen, you should see a picture of your character rolling out of cover. When this appears, tap A. Your character should just move slightly, but still be in cover. Now, hold RT to blindfire shoot. It should take awhile for it to finally shoot but, once it does, get out of your cover by moving Left Analog-stick. Do not dive out of cover. You should be out of cover and, if you move, your character should be shaking. This is supposed to happen. To you, it looks like you are just shaking, but to your opponents and teammates, it looks like you are running. You can now shoot and run at the same time to fake out your opponents. However, do not press A, B, X, or Y. You can only shoot, reload, and move, but this is extremely effective.

-It is also possible to crabwalk on the Clock Tower map, where the Boltok pistol spawns .

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