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Gears Of War Cheats "Flying car in Act 2" (Xbox 360)

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Flying car in Act 2

During Act 2 there is a part where you push a flaming car towards a machine gun turret, there is aa sniper in a building to the upper right, and a few extra Locust are around. Since Dom stays behind most of the time, he will most likely get eaten by Krill but only get downed. When you get to the flaming car, take out everybody but the Locust on the turret and press X exactly twice. Then, trick Dom into getting attacked by Krill so he gets downed. After that, press X slowly until the Krill fly out of the "sewer". Wait  a couple minutes for the Locust on the turret to highly damage the car. It will never explode. Then, press X slowly, then as fast as possible. Keep tapping X when the wall stops you. After a few minutes of tapping X, the car should tip to the left then move to the side that is still on the ground. Repeat this until it floats away. The flames will remain. If done correctly, the machine gun turret's bullets will spark and bounce off where the car should be. The car will fly over the moon, then to the building behind. You will get eaten by the Krill. Shoot Dom with any gun in the head to make him get up. Finish the fight and he will slowly come back to you, getting downed then getting up and running over repeatedly.

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