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Gears Of War Cheats "Leave level boundary on Angry Titan" (Xbox 360)

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Leave level boundary on Angry Titan

On Angry Titan, when you are trying to kill the Corpser, get the Corpser back to where you have to make him smash the clamps--but don't let him smash them. When he does the move where he holds up three of his legs, stand as far as you can off the left clamp. When he hits near the clamp, you will fly off the map into the lava and will be able to walk around. However, you will only be able to go a set distance until he roars and sends you back into the front of the lava pit. This will require several attempts. When you finally do it you, can still kill the Corpser. This will not work if the Corpser smashes the clamp

2 years ago

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