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Gears Of War Cheats "Remote detonate chainsaw with the shotgun" (Xbox 360)

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Remote detonate chainsaw with the shotgun

This trick works after the second patch. Have your Lancer out and find a weapon that is sitting on the ground, then pick up the weapon and stand over the Lancer that is now on the ground. Immediately press B + X, but only once. If your controller does not rumble, you have not done it correctly. If your controller did rumble and blood has started shooting at your screen, switch to your shotgun and fire only once. No ammo should have been wasted. To everybody else, you will only be walking around with your shotgun out. However, as soon as you touch someone on the other team, they will convulse as if being chainsawed but will not die. When you switch back to your Lancer, they will explode. If you get killed before that happens, then they will still die. Until you make them convulse, do not roll or roadie run. The glitch will make you get stuck.

2 years ago

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