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Gin Rummy Cheats "Achievements" (Xbox 360)


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Close Cut Match (10 points) Win a round by Undercut.
Gin Winner (10 points) Win a round by going Gin.
Gutsy Gin Guru (20 points) Win a round without drawing from the discard pile.
Knock-out (5 points) Win a round by Knock.
Merciless (25 points) Win a Player Match hand against a player by 50 points.
On a Roll (20 points) Win 20 rounds by going Gin in any game mode.
Rummy Buff (30 points) Earn 50,000 points.
Rummy Bunch (10 points) Finish a 4-player game of Gin Rummy on Xbox LIVE.
Rummy Master (25 points) Win 5 matches in each single-player mode, and 25 player matches.
Rummy Shark (20 points) Win 10 matches or games in Single Player.
Setting Champ (10 points) Win a round with only sets.
Well-Suited (15 points) Win a round with cards including deadwood from only one suit.

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