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Girl Fight Xbox 360 Cheats

Game also available for:   PS3

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10000 Ways to Say I Hurt You (20 points) Perform 10000 striking attacks.
Battle Hardened (20 points) Block 1000 strikes in battle.
Brawn and Brains (20 points) Win 5 rounds with full Psi meter.
Hands Off Me (20 points) Block an opponent's grab 50 times.
Killer Legs (20 points) Win 5 matches with nothing but kicks.
Kitty Has Claws (20 points) Win 5 matches with nothing but punches.
Knocked Off Her Feet (20 points) Win 10 matches with nothing but throws.
Living on a Prayer (20 points) Win a match with less than 5% health.
Maximum Psi (20 points) Earn and equip two Level 3 Psi Amps and finish a match.
Neuro Annihilation (20 points) Win 100 matches.
Neuro Killer (40 points) Win 3 consecutive Ranked Matches online.:
Perfectionist (20 points) Win 25 rounds without taking any damage.
Psi Like an Eagle (20 points) Earn 1000 bars of Psi.
Spoon (20 points) Win 5 rounds with a throw from behind.
Swift Attacks (20 points) Strike the first blow in 25 rounds.
Tremors (20 points) Win 10 rounds with Seismic Fist.
VR Trooper (20 points) Travel over 10000 meters in battle.
Worldly Warrior (40 points) Fight against every opponent and fight in every stage in the game.

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