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Godfather, The Cheats "Easy money hints" (Xbox 360)

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Easy money hints

  • Go into the sewer system (the entrance is south of the westernmost Tattaglia warehouse on the Hell’s Kitchen Loop). Fight your way through the heavily-armed bell boys until you reach a create containing money.

  • Take over as many rackets, warehouses, and businesses as possible before completing missions. This will allow you to receive more money on payday.

  • Use the following trick to prevent your money from going into useless rackets. Instead of buying out a person, get the pressure up so he pays you instead.

  • On missions where you’re required to raid enemy gang operations (such as suppliers or storefront rackets), search the interior for hidden cash and ammo after finishing the main objective. Back rooms, closets, and rooftops usually have hidden moneybags and weapon stashes.

  • If you want free respect and money, head over to the Molotov cocktail seller in Midtown. Shoot any hobos walking around to receive either +750 respect and $3,000 or +900 and $100 without getting any heat.

  • Income differs among various families. The richest family is the Barzini family (green), while the 2nd richest is the Cuneo family (red). Taking businesses from these two families will earn you the most cash. Make sure to also pick up the money they drop when taking over their businesses. Barzini family members will usually drop at least $200 when killed, while a Tattaglia family will only give you $15.

  • To make an easy $2,000 or more, get on the freeway. Stop your car in front of any warehouse truck you see to make it stop. Now kill the bagmen and take the loot. Repeat this until you’ve accumulated your desired amount of money.

  • Head to Brooklyn and bribe the chief inside the police station. You can then rob the bank without any police chasing or shooting at you.
Note: Make sure to have no heat when bribing the chief.

  • Go to New Jersey and head to the Stracci compound. Drive into the container park and head far behind until you see a lot of containers. Step out and kill all the Stracci soldiers before going into the maze. At the back you will find two boxes and another group of soldiers. Combined these boxes will give you $125,000. Make sure to get in your car and leave before more Stracci appear.

  • Always kill homeless men you find. Most of the time they’ll drop $5,500 and you will have no heat.

  • Take over the Transportation Hub in Brooklyn right on Main St. and Empire. Find the man with a Blackhand icon and speak to him. Do as he says and deliver the truck to the Cafe Vitales, which is located on Dock St. (between Church and Prospect). Make sure that you’ve already extorted that business and racket. Doing this task will earn you three stacks of $25,000.

  • Get a fast car and drive to the Holland Tunnel. Enter it in the opposite direction and drive until you see a racket truck. Hit it head on and get out. Once it explodes, use your gun to kill any survivors and take the $2,000. Repeat until you reach the end of the tunnel.

  • Enter New Jersey, with dynamite, full ammo, and full health. Drive to the bank and find a door that leads to a hallway with three big doors. Find down the stairs and walk through the door. Kill the guard you see along with any other guard that appears. Now go through the metal door in the room and plant dynamite on the safe. Enter the safe and grab the money. You must now fight your way out in order to reach a car and drive to your safe house.

  • Pay off some policemen and prepare your weapon of choice. Stand in the back entrance of one of your safe houses and wait for a racket truck to drive by. Talk to the driver to get his keys and drive it to the back entrance of the safe house. Each truck is worth between $1,000 and $10,000.

  • Head to Brooklyn and take every warehouse and business. Go to the westernmost warehouse and get a truck. It should be a 45 second drive to get $75,000. Repeat as many times as desired.

  • Take over businesses and rackets so your income increases. You will then have enough money to purchase weapons, safe houses, and even higher crew members with ease.

  • Rob a bank and get captured. You get to keep the money and only have to pay the hospital fee.

  • Go to Midtown and turn right on 42nd Street. Keep going until you see a club owned by the Barzini and a safe house called “Lucy’s Apartments” on the other side of the street. Bribe a cop, preferably the chief of police, and then buy the safe house. Take over the club and your Corleone men should appear later. If you keep the cops bribed you should now control those two blocks. There should be green Barzini warehouse trucks that drive by once in a while. Shoot the trucks until they stop. Two Barzinis should appear. Take them out to make the driver exit the truck. Interrogate him and kill him afterwards for extra money. One of the Barzini men will also drop a bag of $3,6000. Now drive the truck to your safe house to receive a payout of $13,000. Repeat the process.

  • Go to the Midtown bank next to the barbershop and bribe one of the cops wearing black. Now go inside, down the stairs, and through the door at the end of the hallway. Kill the four guards and blow open the safe. Take the money and kill the three guards that attack. Run out of the bank and steal a car to make your getaway.

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