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Godfather, The Cheats "Extortion hints" (Xbox 360)

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Extortion hints

  • If you’re having trouble extorting business owners, destroy some of their property or hold a gun to their face. For example, the best way to take over Good Eats in Brooklyn is to gold your gun in the man’s face before reholstering it. If he refuses then simply draw your gun again and hold it to his face, repeating until he caves in. For the hotel owner in Brooklyn, hold a gun up to him, break the downstairs cupboard, blow up his safe, and then beat him into submission.

  • The best time to take over all the businesses and rackets is when you have reached the “Don of New York” rank. This rank will allow you to take over anything without the need to smash things or convince the person.

  • Reach the Underboss rank while making sure you have the Vendetta level at a minimum. (An easy way is to bribe an FBI agent and save the game). Head to the business you want to control but don’t attack any rival family members outside and inside. Enter the business and speak with the owner, making sure you don’t break any objects or attack. Make them accept Corleone’s protection and then find the racket boss through the back door of the business. Talk to him to make the “Buyout” option available. Following these steps carefully will ensure that you take control of businesses and rackets without force or risk of starting a mob war, resulting in maximum benefits, respect, and payday incomes.

Note: Kill rival family members to gain respect after taking over a business, though you will gain heat and vendetta.

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