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Godfather, The Cheats "Recommended weapons" (Xbox 360)

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Recommended weapons

Don’t spend money on safe houses. Instead, save your money to buy clothing and weapons. The best weapons are expensive but always worth it. The following is a list of the best weapons and their price:

  • Saturday Night Special - $75,000
  • Assassin's Pistol - $200,000
  • Python - $250,000
  • Dillinger - $450,000
  • Street Sweeper - $500,000

A level 3 pistol is perfect for taking over businesses since it works just like a semi-automatic gun, holds fourteen bullets, and has plenty of firepower. The level 3 shotgun has more firepower, holds more ammo, and is the best weapon to take over warehouses.

-The best guns to buy are the level 2 Tommy gun level, Street Sweeper, Saturday Night Snubnose, extended clip Pistol, and Python. Drive warehouse trucks to make the money for these weapons.

-The Street Sweeper is handy because it kills with one shot and holds 100 bullets. Another great gun is the Colt Python which, despite having poor shot power at medium and long range, at close range kills in one shot. The Assassin’s Pistol is also useful. It fires like any other pistol while running but fires like a Tommy Gun when standing. Below are the most recommended guns followed by their price:

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