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Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats "Easy escape path on "Holland Nights"" (Xbox 360)

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Easy escape path on "Holland Nights"

As you proceed up the stairs to chase Clarence, you will see a green health kit. Do not take it. Instead, continue after Clarence and follow McCleary's advice about not using your weapon until you are on the second floor. Otherwise, Clarence will just get into a vehicle and leave. If you wait until you are on the second floor, he will climb to the roof. After choosing Clarence's fate, you automatically have a three star wanted level regardless of what you selected. You must battle your way out. Because you are going down, you have a distinct disadvantage in cover and will take heavy damage. To give yourself an advantage, at the start of the mission, park a fast car on the street close to the opening in the gate. Do not pull up to the gate. Use the stairs to your right to give chase. Once you have gotten to the roof and selected his fate, descend to the level with the first aid kit (green box). Sinceyou left it there on your way up, you will know what level you are on and can power up. Go to the side of the building where your car is parked and jump over the railing. Upon landing, you will not lose much health. Sprint to your car and get away from the cops. If done correctly, you should not take a single bullet from police. Note: The health pack is a requirement to survive the fall.

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