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Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats "Random character missions" (Xbox 360)

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Random character missions

There are 22 total random character missions. All except Clarence, Cherise, Ivan and Jeff count towards 100% completion. The following random characters will appear after the corresponding missions are completed:
Brian -  It's Your Call Badman Shadow
Cherise The Holland Play
Clarence Blood Brothers
Eddie Low Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Gracie Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
Hossan The Puerto Rican Connection
Ilyena The Puerto Rican Connection
Ivan Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Jeff -  Photo X Marnie Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Mel Escuela Of The Streets
Pathos The Puerto Rican Connection
Sara The Puerto Rican Connection

The following characters can be picked up at the corresponding locations. If a character has multiple missions, you must wait 1-2 days before picking them up again. Note: Get all your friend's special abilities and do all their activities to get 10% completion.
Badman Sitting on a bench in front of the pill pharm pharmacy in east island city.
Brian 1 Next to Roman's cab business.
Brian 2 Near comrades bar(vlad's bar) and your schottler safehouse.
Brian 3 Downtown, on a street corner.
Cherise At the clukin' bell in northwood algonquin.
Clarence You'll run into him on the streets of east holland.
Eddie Low 1 He's at the mouth of an alley in alderney city.
Eddie Low 2 You meet him in berchem.
Gracie You'll find her standing outside her home in acter.
Hossan On a street corner in algonquin selling handbags.
Jeff 1 On a corner in east holland.
Jeff 2 He will call you.
Jeff 3 He's sitting on a sidewalk bench in suffolk, across from ray's restaurant.
Marnie 1 She's strung out on a park bench in alderney city. She's facing the big fountain.
Marnie 2 Shes's inn varsity heights leaning up against a building on a corner.
Mel-He On the sidewalk just up the street from the original safehouse in schottler.
Pathos 1 On the main drag in star junction.
Pathos 2 On the main strip in star junction.
Sara 1 In suffolk after hossan's encounter.
Sara 2 Pier 45 in fishmarket south.
Ilyena Fausin On the boardwalk in schottler. Usually when you're on your way to the bowling alley.
Ivan He's on a corner in acter, alderney.

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