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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats "GTA Online: Rank Unlockables" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS4  |  XBOX ONE  |  PS3  |  PC


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GTA Online: Rank Unlockables

Reach the following ranks in GTA Online to unlock the corresponding bonuses:
Rank 1 Combat Shotgun, Pistol
Rank 2 Pistol Clips, Stunt Jumps
Rank 3 Car Mod Shop, Hold Ups, One-On-One Deathmatch, Pegasus, Shooting Range, Shops
Rank 4 Pistol Flashlight
Rank 5 Garages, Micro SMG, Movies, Personal Vehice Delivery, Pistol Supressor
Rank 6 Arm Wrestling, Bumpers (Custom Chin Spoiler), Darks, Golf, Strip Club, Tennis
Rank 8 Bumpers (Painted Rear Bumper), Import/Export, Windows (Light Smoke)
Rank 9 Combat Pistol, Combat Pistol Extended Clip, Exhaust (Chrome Tip)
Rank 10 Auto Armor 20%, Bounties
Rank 11 Combat Pistol Supressor, Parachutes (Blue), Parachuting, SMG
Rank 12 Merryweather Crate Drop
Rank 13 Ammo Drop
Rank 15 Grenade, Grill (Painted Light Surroundings), Parachutes (Black Smoke Trails), SMG Supressor, Survival
Rank 16 Parachutes (Red)
Rank 17 Bull Shark Testosterone, Pump Shotgun, Suspension (Lowered)
Rank 18 Gang Attacks, Parachutes (Yellow Smoke Trails)
Rank 19 Armored Truck, Sticky Bomb
Rank 20 Back-Up Helicopter, Gas Can, Wheels (Bulletproof)
Rank 21 Bumpers (Painted And Chin Spoiler), Lights (Xenon Lights), Remove Wanted Level, Sniper Rifle
Rank 23 Hood (Ram Air), Parachutes (Seaside Stripes)
Rank 24 Assault Rifle, Parachutes (Orange Smoke Trails)
Rank 25 Boat Pick-Up, Explosives (Ignition Bomb)
Rank 26 Roll Cage (Stunt Cage)
Rank 27 Parachutes (Red Smoke Trail)
Rank 28 Parachutes (Hornet)
Rank 29 Assault SMG
Rank 30 Auto Armor 40%, Exhaust (Big Bore), Helicopter Pick-Up
Rank 31 Windows (Dark Smoke)
Rank 32 Parachutes (Patriot)
Rank 33 AP Pistol, Hood (Carbon Hood)
Rank 35 Send Mercenaries
Rank 36 Suspension (Street)
Rank 37 Assault Shotgun
Rank 38 Parachutes (Widowmaker)
Rank 40 Off The Radar, Reveal Players
Rank 41 Hood (Triple Intake)
Rank 42 Carbine Rifle
Rank 44 Parachutes (Rainbow)
Rank 45 Bumpers (Painted and Large Splitter)
Rank 49 Windows (Limo)
Rank 50 Airstrike, Auto Armor 60%, Explosives (Remote Bomb), MG, Mugger
Rank 52 Exhaust (Side Exit)
Rank 53 Hood (Single Intake)
Rank 56 Parachutes (Black), Suspension (Sport)
Rank 60 Grenade Launcher
Rank 64 Bumpers (Extended Chin Spoiler)
Rank 70 Advanced Rifle
Rank 71 Suspension (Competition)
Rank 80 Auto Armor 80%, Combat MG
Rank 90 Heavy Sniper Rifle
Rank 100 Auto Armor 100%, RPG
Rank 120 Mini-gun 

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