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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats "LifeInvader Unlockables" (Xbox 360)

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LifeInvader Unlockables

To get bonus customizations, discounts, and free items, go to Rockstar's LifeInvader social network and click the "Stalk" button on the page. Sign into LifeInvader with your Social Club name and password, then different pages will appear randomly after refreshing. Click the "Stalk" button on each one to unlock something new for use in GTA 5. For example, to get a free haircut and unlock additional hairstyles, go to Herr Kutz Barber, and click the "Stalk" button. The following is a list of all unlockables for clicking the "Stalk" button on each LifeInvader page:
Elitas Travel 10% off your first purchase through
Herr Kutz Barber First haircut free, and extra hairstyles
InkInc. First tattoo free
Legendary Motorsport 10% off your first purchase through their online showroom
Los Santos Customs Free paint job
Redwood Cigarettes 10% off your first visit to a participating hospital
Sprunk Free can of Sprunk
Warstock Cache & Carry 10% off your first purchase in-store

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