GripShift Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 4


Barrel Roll (20 points) Do a full Barrel Roll and then land safely.
Big Air (20 points) Leave the track and fly for 10 seconds, then land safely.
Bling (20 points) Finish 50 levels in Challenge or Race Mode in Gold Time or better.
Bonustar (5 points) Collect all stars and the GS token on a single run.
Can't Touch Me (Requires "Turbo Boost Expansion Pack" DLC) (15 points) Win 10 games of Reverse Tag.
Century (Requires "Turbo Boost Expansion Pack" DLC) (20 points) Snaker - Collect 100 stars.
Checkered Flag (5 points) Finish in first place in ten Single-Player Single Races.
DeathRay (25 points) In a Deathmatch, use a DeathRay on a player who is using a Flaming Shield.
Decathlon (10 points) Win all goals in ten different Challenge Levels.
GS King (25 points) Collect the GS tokens in all Challenge levels.
Galileo (15 points) Collect all the stars in 50 levels (Challenge or Race mode).
Indy 50 (20 points) Win 50 Multiplayer races.
Mister Trigger (10 points) Score 200 frags in Deathmatch play.
Penguin Ace (Requires "Turbo Boost Expansion Pack" DLC) (15 points) Get a perfect score of 150 in Penguin Bowling.
Temple Master (25 points) Complete the Temple of Doom Challenge Level without a single death/restart.