Guardian Heroes Xbox 360 Cheats

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Complete the game to unlock Serena.

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Avatar Awards

Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Guardian Heroes T-Shirt Unlock at least thirty characters in Story mode.
Guardian Heroes helmet Score 360 points in Arcade mode.

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Align with the Sign (5) Find the Coliseum in Story Mode.
Another World Saved (30) Watch all the endings in Story Mode.
Bark Like a Dog! (5) Give the Undead Hero a command in Story Mode.
Dirty Schemer (20) Defeat the Great Earth Spirit in Story Mode.
Guardian Heroes (30) Unlock all characters in Story Mode.
He Just Got Bronzed (20) Defeat Golden Silver in Story Mode.
Knighty Nite (20) Defeat Valgar in Story Mode.
Or So the Tale Goes (5) Finish Story Mode in any difficulty.
The Hero That Heroes Call (15) Finish Story Mode in Hard Mode without using any continues.
The Sky is Fallen (20) Defeat the Sky Spirit in Story Mode.
Vendetta's End (10) Defeat Kanon in Story Mode.
Yep, Clowns Are Scary (20) Defeat Super Zur in Story Mode.

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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks in story mode. Note: All must be done with the difficulty set to normal or hard.

Civilian Blimp Harm a civilian blimp when they appear on either stage 10 or 14
Civilian Child Harm a civilian child when they appear on either stage 10 or 14
Civilian Elder Harm a civilian elder when they appear on either stage 10 or 14
Civilian Wimp Harm a civilian wimp when they appear on either stage 10 or 14
Civilian Woman Harm a civilian woman when they appear on either stage 10 or 14
Cyclops Defeat Cyclops (multiple stages)
Earth Spirit Defeat Earth Spirit on stage 24
Gambo Defeat Gambo on stage 9
Gargoyle Defeat Gargoyle on either stage 19, 23, or 24
Gash Defeat Gash on stage 11
Giant Defeat Giant (stage 19)
Glute Defeat Glute on stage 9
Goblin Defeat Goblin (multiple stages - primarily stage 3)
Golden Silver Defeat Golden Silver on stage 30
Golem God Defeat Golem God (multiple stages - primarily on stage 5)
Han the Hero Defeat Undead Rogue on stage 8 while playing as Han
Kanon Defeat Kanon (multiple stages)
Katrina Defeat Katrina on stage 3
Loper Defeat Loper on either stage 23 or 24
Macho Defeat Macho on stage 9
Mid Defeat Mid (stage 3)
Proto Silver Defeat Proto Silver on stage 4
Rebel Defeat Rebel on stage 5
Royal Blade Defeat Royal Knight (multiple stages)
Royal Knight Defeat Royal Knight (multiple stages)
Royal Mage Defeat Royal Mage on stage 2
Royal Mech Defeat Royal Mech (multiple stages)
Royal Purger Defeat Royal Purger (multiple stages)
Serena Complete the game with any character and get any ending
Skeleton Defeat Skeleton on stage 2
Sky Spirit Defeat Sky Spirit on stage 29
Sky Warrior Defeat Sky Warrior on stage 29
Super Zur Defeat Super Zur on stage 25
Undead Rogue Defeat Undead Rogue on stage 8
Valgar Defeat Valgar on stage 28
Wolf Defeat Wolf on stage 3
Xenovia Defeat Xenovia on stage 24
Zombie Defeat Zombie on stage 25
Zur Defeat Zur on either stage 5 or 25