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Halo 3 Cheats "Driving a destroyed Wraith" (Xbox 360)


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Driving a destroyed Wraith

In Forge mode, go to Foundry. While next to a completely flat wall, place a Double Box Open up against the wall facing outwards. Edit the spawn time so that it does not spawn for 45 seconds, then start a new round. Go to the location where you placed the Double Box Open and spawn a Wraith directly on the "tear drop" of where the box spawns. Go into Normal mode, get in the Wraith, and wait. The box will eventually spawn and the Wraith will be jammed inside of it. Look all the way up and start shooting. You will not receive damage, but the Wraith will. However, the Wraith won't explode because you cannot kill yourself in this position. The Wraith will soon be totally destroyed. The best way to tell when a Wraith is destroyed is when blue flames appear on the two front "wings". Note: This works about 90% of the time. Once you have seen the blue flames you can delete the box and see what it looks like.

2 years ago

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