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Halo 3 Cheats "Loading screen glitch on "Covenant"" (Xbox 360)


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Loading screen glitch on "Covenant"

There is a glitch when you reach the first tower where Miranda Keyes tells you to enter. To see it, first destroy all enemies and obtain two Ghosts. There is a Shade (or stationary gunner) with a Grunt in it up on a hill to the left of the tower. After you destroy that you can now use both Ghosts to boost on to the tower. Use one Ghost as a lift for the other, then bring the first Ghost to the first ledge after you boost on to the tower and leave it pointing forward. Then, jump down carefully without dying and boost the second Ghost on the tower. Drive it over the other ghost to reach the next level. Afterward, boost through the invisible wall and get out of your Ghost. Jump to the next level up. When you cannot walk up any further, jump down to your right toward a mountain. You should float in the air, slowly slide toward it, then land. After this, walk all the way up the mountain until you find a corner on the right side of the tower. This corner is small and has graphics glitches. Once you walk into the corner, you should enter a loading point. Walk backwards when the loading point is occurring and you should stop from sliding down the hill. If you do not, you may fall down and die. Keep doing this until you are successful. Once this is done, walk back up on the hill you slid down. Walk along the edge of the tower that you are next to. There are ledges on the edge. When done, you should be on top of a tower in the area where you normally fight two Scarabs but there are no enemies. You are up very high. This gives you a closer look at the scenery. If you make it down to the ground and try to go forward to the bridge you will die. If you try to go back there is a black picture wall, or a graphics glitch that copies your view.

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