Halo 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 13

Play as the Oracle

To play as the Oracle, go to the Forge lobby and press Up. To pick up items when you see a green hand, press A.

Rating 12

Silent Gravity Hammer

When you are about to swing a Gravity Hammer, crouch to make it silent. You must crouch then swing within half a second.

Rating 11

Easy experience in Multiplayer mode

To easily gain experience in Multiplayer mode, you will need four accounts on your console. Go to the matchmaking lobby and choose "Social" > "Rumble Pit". Sign all four accounts into the lobby. Start matchmaking and it will find two other players. Don't do anything so that your four accounts will tie for third place, giving all of them experience points.

Rating 10

Unlock the Katana

To unlock Katana, collect all 13 skulls and achieve a gamerscore of 1,000. The Katana is the fourth piece of hayabusa armor and is an unusable item.

Rating 10

At ease position

Note: The following can only be done in a local match or replay. To do the at ease position, hold LB + RB for at least three seconds and press Left. If done correctly, your weapon will not be visible on your screen. When you shoot you will raise your weapon again.

Rating 10

Unlockable Spartan armor permutations

Unlock the following Spartan armor permutations by performing the corresponding tasks:

EOD (Body) Complete "tsavo highway" on legendary.
EOD (Head) Complete campaign mode on legendary.
EOD (Shoulders) Complete "the ark" on legendary.
EVA (Body) Complete "tsavo highway" on normal, heroic, or legendary.
EVA (Head) Complete campaign mode on normal.
EVA (Shoulders) Complete "the ark" on normal, heroic, or legendary.
Mark V (Head) Get the UNSC spartan achievement.
ODST (Head) Get the spartan graduate achievement.
Rogue (Head) Get the spartan officer achievement.
Scout (Body) Get the too close to the sun achievement.
Scout (Head) Get the used car salesman achievement.
Scout (Shoulders) Get the we're in for some chop achievement.
Security (Head) Get 1,000 gamerscore points.
Security (Shoulders) Get 750 gamerscore points.

Rating 10

Gold skull locations

Find the following gold skulls in the specified locations to activate the corresponding cheat functions:

Black Eye(Crow's Nest) You will have to battle enemies with melee tactics to regain shield energy.
Catch(The Storm) Enemies will throw more grenades.
Famine(The Ark) Dropped weapons hold less ammunition.
Fog(Floodgate) Motion tracker disappears.
Iron(Sierra 117) Get sent back to the beginning of the stage you're on when you die instead of to the last checkpoint.
Mythic(Halo) All enemies will have twice as much health.
Thunderstorm(The Covenant) Enemies will be have higher ranks.
Tilt(Cortana) Enemies will become more resilient to your attacks.
Tough Luck(Tsavo Highway) Enemies are skilled at getting away from projectiles such as grenades.

Rating 10

Recon armor

To unlock the Recon armor, in the Mythic Map Pack DLC, get the three "Vid Master Challenge" achievements.

Rating 9

Bridge landing on "The Ark"

On the bridge you have to activate to get the tanks across, bring in a chopper and simply drive through the door to be there. You can proceed through the door and assist the tanks on the other side, or you can cross the bridge. To do this, aim your chopper for one of the tanks and turbo towards the bridge. When you get close, jump off. If you miss the tanks you will die. If done correctly, you will be on the bridge and alive.

Rating 9

Prevent lagging

To prevent lag, clear the hard drive cache in solo or multiplayer by holding A + up at the start of the game. Select "Yes" when prompted.

Rating 9

Infinite Spartan laser in Halo mission

To get infinite Spartan laser in the "Halo" mission, shoot Seargeant Johnson until he falls down and drops the Spartan Laser. Pick it up and continue to shoot him until ke kills you. When you respawn, shoot him until he falls down again and pick up the laser. He will get back up with a new laser on his back. Shoot him again and pick up the new gun he drops. It will have unlimited Spartan ammunition.

Rating 9

Illegal service tags

If you go to "Appearance" and try to change your service tag to "I" or "L" followed by "17" (for example I17 and L17), you will receive a message saying that they are reserved by the UNSC (Master Chief's number is 117). Also, anything that ends with "00" will result in the same message. Entering "T17" and "A55" will result in a message stating that the service tag is not allowed under current UNSC regulations. The tag "F46" is also not allowed.

Rating 8

Firefly easter egg  on "Tsavo Highway"

One of the Marines who rides with you on the Warthog makes multiple references to his gun "Vera" his gun; a reference to Jayne Cobb from the cult TV show Firefly. Also, Tudyk is the voice of a Marine in the game. He is joined by his Firefly co-stars Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion who also both voice Marines. All three actors are given personalities in the game that match those of their characters from Firefly.

Rating 8

Turn off gravity lifts on "Narrows"

In Forge mode, spawn a couple Trip Mines in front of the lift so that they respawn instantly. Throw them down at your feet while facing the lift until they explode. You will die by suicide. When you go back to the lift, it will not work. Once you save the map, you can play it without lifts with all your friends.

Rating 8

Disappearing scenery in Forge mode

To make all the scenery in a map disappear in Forge mode, go to a map that has a lot of scenery (for example, Foundry) and make a trip mine. Set the Run Time Minimum and the Run Time Maximum as the same number by looking at it and pressing X while you are the Monitor. This will make it have an instant respawn. Stand on the trip mine and place it as many times as possible. After awhile, everything that can respawn will disappear. Everything will come back eventually, but have fun with a big empty room. This works best if you get multiple people and make multiple trip mines. You can also use this trick to create extremely massive piles of trip mines.

Rating 8

Brute choppers on "Halo"

The choppers only appear on Legendary and while playing in co-op mode. After you come through the valley with the Warthog but just before you leave the snow, turn left instead of going on the metal squares. Just past the rocks a short distance are two Brute choppers. Take their choppers to complete the level in style.

Rating 7

Toggle panning camera

To toggle the panning camera in an offline game, hold left analog-stick + right analog-stick + LB + RB + up/left.

Rating 7

Easy legendary mode

In legendary mode, turn on an idle second player. When you die, you will respawn rather than restarting.

Rating 7

Super fast Spartan laser fire

To fire the Spartan laser almost instantly, in Forge mode, charge a Spartan laser until its about to fire and then turn into the Monitor. Fly around until you find a target. Before you turn back into a human, hold RT to fire it.

Rating 6

Driving a destroyed Wraith

In Forge mode, go to Foundry. While next to a completely flat wall, place a Double Box Open up against the wall facing outwards. Edit the spawn time so that it does not spawn for 45 seconds, then start a new round. Go to the location where you placed the Double Box Open and spawn a Wraith directly on the "tear drop" of where the box spawns. Go into Normal mode, get in the Wraith, and wait. The box will eventually spawn and the Wraith will be jammed inside of it. Look all the way up and start shooting. You will not receive damage, but the Wraith will. However, the Wraith won't explode because you cannot kill yourself in this position. The Wraith will soon be totally destroyed. The best way to tell when a Wraith is destroyed is when blue flames appear on the two front "wings". Note: This works about 90% of the time. Once you have seen the blue flames you can delete the box and see what it looks like.

Rating 6

Hidden Grunt on "Halo"

Just before you jump into the ship's hanger, to the right of the archway just before the jump, is a Grunt sitting on the ledge. Make sure to stay close to the rocks so you don't fall off. If you are playing in Single Player mode, make sure that the Arbiter doesn't see him or he will kill the Grunt. The Grunt says a bunch of funny things.

Rating 6

"Marathon Man" achievement hint

Simply access the terminals and wait until the red text comes up and redirects to a different page. It does not matter what difficulty you play on or in what order you access the terminals.

Rating 6

Flying fish on "Sierra 117"

Reach the point in the level just before entering the forest (with the Jackal Snipers), when the dropship arrives and blows up Johnson's Pelican. Kill all the enemies and jump in the water. You should see a few pale green or tan fish swimming. Keep jumping up and down to see where you are going. Move toward the waterfall. When you are on the edge, crouch and turn around toward where the fish were swimming. Back up until you can'tback up without falling. After toggling [Crouch] a few times, the water should disappear and the fish will be floating in air. If you have a loaded gun, you can shoot the fish (BR works best). The fish will slowly float through the air and to the ground. Note: This does not always work.

Rating 6

Mongoose on "Halo"

When you get into your Warthog, go forward down the path and, when you are supposed to take a right to the platforms, take a left instead. Follow the path until you are on some platforms, then look to your left. There should be a Mongoose ready for your use.

Rating 6

Driving vehicles through invisible walls

To drive your vehicle through an invisible wall, start driving towards it and then hop out at the last second. Your vehicle will pass through the wall.

Rating 6

NBA Spartan on "Crow's Nest"

At the start of the level, grab the skull on top of the large pipe near the ceiling before you pick up any weapons. This is easier in Co-op mode. Press RT repeatedly to make Master Chief drop the skull--but because he has no weapons, he will immediately pick it back up, making it appear as though he is dribbling the skull like a basketball.

Rating 6

Hayabusa armor

There are three pieces of Hayabusa Armor. Unlock the following pieces by collecting the corresponding amounts of skulls:

Chest piece Collect 6 skulls.
Helmet piece Collect all 13 skulls.
Shoulders piece Collect 9 skulls.

Rating 6

Exploding grenades

Throw a grenade in the air and shoot it with a sniper rifle to make it explode mid-air.

Rating 5

Leave level boundary on "Rat's Nest"

In Forge mode, get on a Mongoose or Warthog and circle around the map until you find a corner with a window. There are two ways of doing this: the first way is to forge a crate or something that can reach the window. Place a machine gun turret on top of it, making sure the turret is close to the window. Then, use the turret and look up. Turn into the Monitor to leave the boundary. The second way is to have a partner forge a turret and set it down. Have the other player use it, then have your partner pick up the turret and push it against the window. The other player should look up and turn into the Monitor.

Rating 5

Recharge shields quicker

To quickly recharge your shield in Forge mode, press Up.

Rating 5

Scarab strategy on "The Covenant"

The easiest way to destroy the Scarab is by using the "Stop and Drop" method, which is basically when a player takes the heavy weapons and gets on the passenger seat of the Hornet. While holding any weapon, have the driver take off and hover above the first Scarab (your choice). Hover about five to ten feet above the Scarab, then have them take cover up on top near the blue plasma cannon. Have the driver stay in the vehicle and kill the Brutes around the entrance, then have the driver go around to the back while the driver flies behind the Scarab. The passenger on the Scarab should shoot the power core until it is set to explode. That player then jumps off the back behind the Scarab. Have the Hornet pilot drop down while the other player gest in the passenger seat again. Fly to the next Scarab and out of the blast radius. Repeat the process with the other Scarab.

Rating 5

Squares hint on "Halo"

Get as far as you can before the squares move on you. It is recommended to get a Warthog or Mongoose and drive fast. Maneuver left and right towards the arrow to run into a platform and continue with the mission.

Rating 5

Hidden area on "Tsavo Highway"

After exiting your Warthog, jump across the bridge and kill the Brute and two Grunts attacking your men. Turn directly around, facing toward where you came from, and look to your left to see a structure. Go up to the wall on the structure and look to your right to find a pathway. Follow the path until you get on top of a bridge-like structure. There should be some dead UNSC Marines, a sniper rifle, and some other ammunition.

Rating 5

Weird hands glitch

  • With a friend in Forge mode, spawn a Brute Shot and have the player who is not the host turn into a Monitor. Have the host remain a player while the Monitor looks at the Brute Shot as if they are going to pick it up. Have the player look as if they are going to pick up the weapon, then do a countdown to have both players take the weapon at the same time. This may require a few attempts.

  • When doing the "Weird Hand" glitch, try shaking the weapon to make the person's arms disappear.

Rating 5

IWHBYD Skull dialogues

This skull activates the following hidden dialogue:

  • Brutes
Pie is good (randomly).
I'm gonna eat your balls for dinner (when a Brute is attacking you).
I shall be the one to teabag you (when a Brute is attacking you).
Rip it Homies (when you get killed).
Oh no! My weak spot (when a Brute loses his shield or when you stick it with a grenade in his groin).

  • Grunts
Hug me (when a Kamikazi Grunt chases you).
He's a zombie (when The Arbiter gets up).
He really just beat the shit out of me (when you melee a Grunt but he survives).
Pray before you eat me (when you kill or stick a Grunt).
Suck my dick (when a Grunt is attacking).

  • Marines
Dude, can I be your friend (randomly).
I almost got an achievement (when you killed an enemy your ally was attacking).
Arbiter when you go home, will you tell the lady Elites about me (in co-op when The Arbiter stares at one of the Marine guards in "Crow's Nest").
Chief, do you have any socks I can borrow (randomly).
Now I really can... oh.. thanks Chief (when you give a Marine an explosive weapon).

  • Sergeant Johnson
That one called you fat, Chief (randomly).
Friendly fire, dumbass (when you shoot him).
I would have been your daddy, but a dog beat me over the fence (reference to Halo: Combat Evolved, also the name of the skull).
Are they actually trying to kill us!?
Chief! Put down that jelly doughnut (randomly).

  • Elites
Master Chief, can we be friends (when you stare at one).
I.. I.. I think your sexy too (when you stare at one).
Is this because of Reach (when you shoot at one).
Why don't you just take a.. uh.. what is it called again?.. A picture that's it (when you stare at one).
I will name my next child after you (when you give him a better weapon).

  • The Arbiter
Remember, we're allies, you dumb piece of crap (when you shoot at him).
Yikes (when an auto turret is thrown towards him).
Well that sucks, but come (after Sergeant Johnson dies).
You shot me fool (when you shoot at him).
What do you gain (when you stick him with a grenade).

  • The Flood
Are you done recovering (when a combat form spots you recovering your energy shields).
"Burb" (randomly).
I like coffee (randomly).
Like water, i am (randomly).
Show yourself (when cloaking used in "Cortana").

  • Gravemind
No skill or you suck (when your energy shields are down or when you die).
You will show me what she hides, or I shall feast up on your balls (Gravemind moment in mission "Cortana"; originally he says "bones", but the skull makes him say "balls".

Rating 5

Wraiths strategy

To save time and ammunition while fighting Wraiths, go to the back side and aim at the little circle in the back. With about five to ten shots it will be destroyed.

Rating 5

Stealing Wraiths hint

Sometimes, when you want to steal a Wraith, you will end up blowing it up instead. With a Brute-spiker (recommended), press A to jump up on the Wraith but do not press RB. When you are on the Wraith, do a melee attack to kill the Brute behind the turret. Afterward, look down to see the driver door and do two or three melee attacks on the door until it opens. You will then see a Brute sitting inside. Do not shoot him or else the Wraith will explode. Instead, do some melee attacks on him until he dies. When done, the Wraith will be slightly damaged but still work perfectly.

Rating 4

Leave level boundary on "Valhalla"

You must be at the ocean barrier (the side with the ocean). Once there, you and your friend must get a Mongoose and a Wraith. Have your friend drive the Mongoose into the barrier accelerating while the other gets in the Wraith. Drive behind the Mongoose inside the Wraith and use the boost. Note: You must be close for the Mongoose to go through. Once you hit it, your friend must jump out once he sees it pass the barrier. You should now be outside the barrie

Rating 4

Flying Monitor glitch

In Forge mode, go to a level that has a Scorpion tank and make one appear. Then, as the Monitor, put the Scorpion directly above you and drop it. When the tank hits you, you should fly up and away without doing anything.

Rating 4

Endless fireworks: hint

Enter Forge mode on any level where you can place both fusion coils and propane tanks (High Ground and Last Resort recommended). Place as many fusion coils as possible and turn their run time minimum to the amount that you have placed. Do the same with the propane tanks. Make sure they are within close range of each other. If you shoot a fusion coil or propane tank, the explosion will set off all other propane tanks. When the other explosives respawn, the propane tanks that are currently flying around will usually detonate the fusion coils that have newly spawned.

Rating 4

Keeping Johnson alive after Oracle battle

At the part where you get to the top of the tower and meet up with Johnson, you can get him down by either shooting at him or jumping on a ledge over the door, then to Johnson's ledge. When you get him down, kill him once and take his Spartan Laser. When he gets up, he should follow you until the door to the Oracle battle. When you get to the last door, shoot him with the Spartan Laser to kill him. Before he gets up again, run through the door. If done correctly, after the Oracle battle he will be in the location you killed him, but alive again. Note: After the Oracle battle, Johnson will not get back up if he dies.

Rating 4

Lower your weapon

To make your character lower there weapon in an offline game, hold LB + RB + down(on d-pad) + L3 + click left stick + A.

Rating 4

Extra grenades

To get extra grenades after killing someone in Multiplayer or System Link mode, slash the corpse with the Energy Sword.

Rating 4

Always be Human on "Living Dead"

While playing "Living Dead", you can be a human every time. After all players are found for the game and it starts, the screen turns black for a few seconds. Press RT at the last moment and you should hear a shotgun sound, indicating that you will be human. This works in every round of the game. Note: If you have two or more players, they cannot both use this trick. However, the other person(s) will still have a 50% chance of being human.

Rating 4

Ghost on electrical wires on "Last Stand"

Play Forge mode and go to "Buy Items". Go to "Vehicles" and get the Ghost. Find the electrical wires by the stairs with a lot of fusion coils and place the Ghost on top of the wires.

Rating 4

Multiplayer medals

Unlock the following medals by performing the corresponding tasks in Multiplayer mode:

Assassin Kill an opponent with a melee attack from behind.
Beat Down Kill an opponent with a melee attack.
Bomb Planted Plant the bomb in an Assault game type.
Bulltrue Kill an opponent who is in the act of a sword lunge.
Death from the Grave Kill an opponent after you have died.
Double Kill Kill two opponents within four seconds of each other.
Extermination Get an overkill on the opposing team, wiping out all of the members.
Flag Kill Get a melee kill with the flag in a CTF game type.
Flag Score Capture the opposing team's flag in a CTF game type.
Grenade Stick Kill an opponent by sticking them with a Plasma Grenade or a Spike Grenade.
Hail to the King Kill 5 consecutive opponents in a single life from inside the hill before it moves in a King of the Hill game type.
Hell's Janitor Kill 10 zombies in a row as a human without dying in an Infection game type.
Highjacker Board an enemy ground vehicle.
Incineration Kill an opponent by using the Flamethrower.
Infection Spree Kill 5 humans in a row as a zombie without dying in an Infection game type.
Invincible Kill 30 opponents in a row without dying.
Juggernaut Spree Kill 5 consecutive opponents in a single run as the Juggernaut in a Juggernaut game type.
Killapocalypse Kill 9 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Killed Bomb Carrier Kill the opposing bomb carrier in a Assault Gamtype.
Killed Flag Carrier Kill the opposing flag carrier in a CTF game type.
Killed Juggernaut Kill the Juggernaut in a Juggernaut game type.
Killed VIP Kill the opposing VIP in a VIP game type.
Killimanjaro Kill 7 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Killing Frenzy Kill 10 opponents in a row without dying.
Killing Spree Kill 5 opponents in a row without dying.
Killionaire Kill 10 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Killjoy End an opponent's killing spree.
Killtacular Kill 5 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Killtastrophe Kill 8 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Killtrocity Kill 6 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Laser Kill Kill an opponent by using the Spartan Laser.
Last Man Standing Be the last human of the game in an Infection game type.
Linktacular Play in a matchmade game comprised of all Bungie.net users.
Mmmm Brains Kill 10 humans in a row as a zombie without dying in an Infection game type.
Oddball Kill Get a melee kill when holding the ball in an Oddball game type.
Open Season Kill 10 opponents with a Shotgun in a row without dying.
Overkill Kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Perfection Win a slayer game with 15+ kills without dying.
Rampage Kill 20 opponents in a row without dying.
Sharpshooter Snipe 10 opponents in a row without dying.
Shotgun Spree Kill 5 opponents with a Shotgun in a row without dying.
Skyjacker Board an enemy aircraft.
Slice 'N Dice Cut down 10 opponents with the Plasma Sword in a row without dying.
Sniper Kill Kill an opponent by with a sniping weapon.
Sniper Spree Snipe 5 opponents in a row without dying.
Splatter Hit and kill an opponent with a vehicle.
Splatter Spree Splatter 5 opponents in a row without dying.
Steaktacular Beat the opposing team by over 20 kills.
Sword Spree Cut down 5 opponents with the Plasma Sword in a row without dying.
Triple Kill Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Unstoppable Kill 10 consecutive opponents in a single run as the Juggernaut in a Juggernaut game type.
Untouchable Kill 25 opponents in a row without dying.
Vehicular Manslaughter Splatter 10 opponents in a row without dying.
Wheelman Be the driver of a vehicle when a passenger kills an opponent.
Zombie Killing Spree Kill 5 zombies in a row as a human without dying in an Infection game type.
Running Riot Kill 15 opponents in a row without dying.

Rating 4

Dancing man in boxers on "Halo"

Two players are required for this trick. Start the "Halo" level and continue down the path until you get to the part where you see a metal floor. Take a right up the icy path. Cortana should ask "Where are you going?" You should then see a bridge-like object. Go into the room. Take a left to find a terminal for the "Marathon Man" achievement. To the right you will see a ledge in the distance if you do not turn on your light (D-pad Up). Have a player with a rocket launcher stand behind the other player while the player without the rocket launcher runs up to the gap. The player with the rocket launcher must shoot when he is about to jump off. If timed correctly, the running player should fly to the ledge. Once you are on the ledge, jump to your left without falling or else you'll have to start all over again. Walk forward a distance to see someone dancing in his boxers with no shirt.

Rating 4

"Used Car Salesman" achievement hint

Start "The Ark" mission and have a guest or a friend to help. Proceed until you reach where the crashed Pelican is found (after the first terminal). Kill the blue Brute and take the rocket launcher under the crashed Pelican, then continue to where the choppers are located. As you are moving, a Prowler will drive by. Ignore it because it will soon stop and will abandon the Prowler, leading to failure of the achievement. Another Prowler will follow. Have your guest or friend shoot it twice with a Brute Shot, then shoot at it with your rockets. The achievement is yours. Note: If you are by yourself, do the same thing but instead of using a Brute Shot throw a grenade in front of it. Then, shoot it with the rockets.

Rating 4

"Too Close To The Sun" achievement hint

At the start of "The Covenant" mission, save your Spartan laser and use another gun until you get back to the beach later when you have to get in the Hornet. Fly the Hornet to a safe area around the Banshees, then get out and use your Spartan laser. Aim it at one of the Banshees and fire. If you destroy it you will get the achievement. If not, try again. Note: You will have five shots to destroy it.

Rating 4

Killed by guardians on "Highground"

  • In Forge, at the first camo spot in Highground is a ledge that resembles a triangle. Go into Monitor and push into the ledge to be killed by guardians.

  • In Forge mode, select either Sand Trap or Foundry and spawn a Grav Lift, then a Fusion Coils on top of it. Set the Fusion Coil respawn time at ten seconds and let them get shot into the air. When they land, they will explode. Get under them when they fall and allow them to kill you. If done correctly, it will say "Killed by Guardians". Do not let your opponent shoot you or it will say that they killed you after you hit the explosives.

Rating 3

Dribble the Blackeye skull on "Crow's Nest"

After collecting hte Blackeye skull, jump down and press [Shoot] to dribble it. If you are with a friend, he can steal the skull from you when you are dribbling it.

Rating 3

Loading screen glitch on "Covenant"

There is a glitch when you reach the first tower where Miranda Keyes tells you to enter. To see it, first destroy all enemies and obtain two Ghosts. There is a Shade (or stationary gunner) with a Grunt in it up on a hill to the left of the tower. After you destroy that you can now use both Ghosts to boost on to the tower. Use one Ghost as a lift for the other, then bring the first Ghost to the first ledge after you boost on to the tower and leave it pointing forward. Then, jump down carefully without dying and boost the second Ghost on the tower. Drive it over the other ghost to reach the next level. Afterward, boost through the invisible wall and get out of your Ghost. Jump to the next level up. When you cannot walk up any further, jump down to your right toward a mountain. You should float in the air, slowly slide toward it, then land. After this, walk all the way up the mountain until you find a corner on the right side of the tower. This corner is small and has graphics glitches. Once you walk into the corner, you should enter a loading point. Walk backwards when the loading point is occurring and you should stop from sliding down the hill. If you do not, you may fall down and die. Keep doing this until you are successful. Once this is done, walk back up on the hill you slid down. Walk along the edge of the tower that you are next to. There are ledges on the edge. When done, you should be on top of a tower in the area where you normally fight two Scarabs but there are no enemies. You are up very high. This gives you a closer look at the scenery. If you make it down to the ground and try to go forward to the bridge you will die. If you try to go back there is a black picture wall, or a graphics glitch that copies your view.

Rating 3

Glitched weapons hints

  • When playing a local Forge match on any level, lower your weapon in Monitor mode and turn back to human. Your weapon will now be invisible. Get on a turret or vehicle and get off. Your gun will be glitched. If you dual wield, only one gun will be visible.

  • In a Forge match while holding anSMG, if you melee then hold , you will hear the gun shoot but you will not be shooting. Also, if you shoot with it while holding R, go into Monitor mode to hear your SMG still firing even though you are not.

Rating 3

Flying Turret in Forge mode

With two players, have one player go into Forge mode and the other player in Player mode. Make a turret, drop it, and have the other player get in it. Pick up the turret and the other player will stay in. This is useful for getting out of the barrier on some maps and for a "human slingshot".

Rating 3

Urinating Brute on "The Ark"

Select "The Ark" and the "Rally Point Bravo" checkpoint under the Legendary difficulty setting. After Spark messes around with the door and opens it, walk in very slowly while crouching. Kill a few Grunts on the left and continue to begin hearing some noises. Look around the middle divider to see a Brute in a corner, making the noises. After you look around the corner, save the game and quit. Then, go to Theater mode and select "The Ark" (if not already selected). Go into roaming camera. Once Spark opens the door, go over to the Brute and look at it to see as if it is urinating.

Rating 3

Bananas comment on "Crow's Nest"

Turn on the IWHBYD skull and keep all of your allies alive. After defeating some Brutes, one of them says, "I heard their weakness is bananas. Does anyone have any bananas on them?"

Rating 3

Extra ammo hint

To get the same amount of ammo as you would get for dual wielding two of the same gun, have one of the desired gun in your secondary while having a dual wieldable gun as your primary. Dual wield a different gun in your left hand, then press RB to swap the right-hand gun for the same gun as your secondary. If done correctly, you will have the maximum ammo as if you were dual wielding the gun in your right hand. You can also get even more ammo by dual wielding the same gun. Note: This does not work for battery guns. Also, you must keep the same gun in both slots or you will lose the extra ammo.

Rating 3

Brute Chopper wheels hint

All Brute Chopper wheels are actually in the shape of a Brute head. Look at it from the side to notice that the steel containing the wheel is shaped like a head of a Brute.

Rating 3

Infinite Spartan laser on "Halo"

Before the Oracle battle, kill Johnson to get the Spartan laser. Next to the door when you go in to the battle room, kill Johnson again but switch the Spartan laser once more. Make sure he does not get up again. After the Oracle battle, you will see the Spartan laser on the ground. Pick it up and it still has unlimited ammunition. You should not have any problems completing the rest of the level.

Rating 3

Driving AA Wraiths

To drive the Anti-Aircraft Wraith, jump on the top and kill the gunner. Then, bash the hatch open (directly in front of the turret). After you have bashed the hatch open, hit the Brute inside once so his helmet falls off. When his helmet is off, hold RB and shoot him in the head at the same time. The AA Wraith is very powerful and has its own targeting reticule.

Rating 3

Living grenade as Monitor

Sticky grenade your monitor ally while he is human, then have him quickly change to Monitor The grenade will not detonate. Go near anyone and change back to human then back to monitor very fast to make the grenade detonate.

Rating 3


Askar (10 points) Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the fourth mission. 
Assault (30 points) Finish the fourth mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. 
Black Eye (10 points) Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. 
Blades of Fury (25 points) On Heretic, get a Sword Spree during any ranked or social match. 
Campaign Complete: Heroic (125 points) Finish the Campaign on Heroic (unlocks achievement for Normal, if not earned). 
Campaign Complete: Legendary (125 points) Finish the Campaign on Legendary (unlocks achievements for Normal and Heroic, if not earned). 
Campaign Complete: Normal (125 points) Finish the Campaign on Normal. 
Catch (10 points) Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. 
Cavalier (10 points) Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the third mission. 
Citadel Skull (25 points) On Citadel, find the hidden skull. 
Cleansing (30 points) Finish the fifth mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. 
Demon (10 points) Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the second mission. 
Exterminator (10 points) Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the fifth mission. 
Famine (10 points) Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. 
Fear the Pink Mist (5 points) Kill 5 enemies with the needler in a ranked free for all playlist or in campaign. 
Fog (10 points) Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. 
Ghost Patrol (25 points) On Longshore, get 3 kills with a Ghost during any ranked or social match. 
Graduate (10 points) Earn 5 EXP or finish 10 games to complete the requirements for basic training (Online). 
Guerilla (10 points) Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the first mission. 
Headshot Honcho (5 points) Kill 10 enemies with headshots in a ranked free for all playlist or in campaign. 
Heretic Skull (25 points) On Heretic, find the hidden skull. 
Holdout (20 points) Finish the second mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. 
Iron (10 points) Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. 
Killing Frenzy (5 points) Kill 10 enemies without dying in any ranked free for all playlist (Online). 
Landfall (20 points) Finish the first mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. 
Last Stand (40 points) Finish the seventh mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. 
Lee R Wilson Memorial (5 points) Score 5 grenade sticks in any ranked free for all playlist (Online). 
Longshore Skull (25 points) On Longshore, find the hidden skull. 
MVP (5 points) Earn the MVP in any ranked playlist (Online). 
Marathon Man (40 points) Locate and access all Terminals in the Campaign. 
Maybe Next Time Buddy (5 points) Board the same vehicle within 10 seconds after being boarded in any free for all playlist (Online). 
Mongoose Mowdown (5 points) Splatter an enemy with the mongoose in a ranked free for all playlist (Online). 
Mythic (10 points) Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. 
Orpheus (10 points) Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the eighth mission. 
Overkill (5 points) Kill 4 enemies within 4 seconds of one another in a ranked free for all playlist (Online). 
Pull (25 points) On Citadel, get a Shotgun Spree during any ranked or social match. 
Ranger (10 points) Score over 50,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the sixth mission. 
Reclaimer (10 points) Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the final mission.
Refuge (30 points) Finish the sixth mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. 
Return (50 points) Finish the final mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. 
Spartan Officer (25 points) Advance to the Spartan Officer ranks (Online). 
Steppin' Razor (5 points) Score a Triple Kill with the sword in a ranked free for all playlist (Online). 
The Key (40 points) Finish the eighth mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. 
The Road (20 points) Finish the third mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. 
Thunderstorm (10 points) Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. 
Tilt (10 points) Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. 
Too Close to the Sun (5 points) Destroy an enemy Banshee with the Spartan laser or missile pod in a ranked playlist or in campaign. 
Tough Luck (10 points) Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. 
Triple Kill (5 points) Kill 3 enemies within 4 seconds of one another in a ranked free for all playlist (Online). 
Two for One (5 points) Score a Double Kill with a single Spartan laser shot in a ranked free for all playlist (Online). 
UNSC Spartan (15 points) Earn your Sergeant rating to be recognized as a true Spartan (Online). 
Up Close and Personal (5 points) Kill 5 enemies by melee or assassination in a ranked free for all playlist (Online). 
Used Car Salesman (5 points) Destroy a vehicle that has three enemies in it in a ranked playlist or in campaign. 
Vanguard (10 points) Score over 50,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the seventh mission. 
Vidmaster Challenge: Annual (0 points) After 9/25/08, complete Halo on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and everyone in Ghosts.
We're in for some Chop (5 points) Destroy an enemy vehicle with equipment in a ranked playlist or in campaign. 

"Legendary Map Pack" achievements
Alas, Poor Yorick (25 points) On a Legendary map, get 3 Oddball melee kills during any ranked or social match. 
Came… From… Behind (50 points) On a Legendary map, get 3 assassinations during any ranked or social match. 
Defend This (50 points) On a Legendary map, get a flag melee kill during any ranked or social match. 
Double Double (25 points) On a Legendary map, get two Double Kills during any ranked or social match. 
Flag Dropped (25 points) On a Legendary map, get 2 flag carrier kills during any ranked or social match. 
Look Both Ways (50 points) On a Legendary map, get a Splatter Spree during any ranked or social match.
Road Rage (25 points) On a Legendary map, get 5 Warthog chaingun kills during any ranked or social match. 

"Mythic Map Pack" achievements
...Get the Horns (25 points) On a Mythic map, get a Bulltrue medal during any ranked or social match. 
Assembly Skull (25 points) On Assembly, find the hidden skull. 
Awww, Too Bad (25 points) On a Mythic map, get a Killjoy medal during any ranked or social match. 
Delicious Brains (25 points) On a Mythic map, infect 2 humans during any ranked or social match. 
Hammer Time (25 points) On Assembly, get 5 Hammer kills during any ranked or social match. 
Have Fun Respawning (25 points) On a Mythic map, get an Extermination during any ranked or social match. 
Killtacular (25 points) On a Mythic map, get a Killtacular during any ranked or social match. 
Orbital Skull (25 points) On Orbital, find the hidden skull. 
Post Mortem (25 points) On Orbital, get 2 Death From the Grave medals during any ranked or social match. 
Sandbox Skull (25 points) On Sandbox, find the hidden skull. 
Save This Film (25 points) On a Mythic map, get a Perfection medal during any ranked or social match. 
Tank Dropper (25 points) On any Mythic map, get a kill on another player while in monitor mode. Alternately, get a kill as the Oracle on a Mythic map. 
Vidmaster Challenge: 7 on 7 (0 points) Enter into any ranked or social playlist with 7 EXP on the 7th of the month.
Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan (25 points) Find all the hidden skulls on the Mythic maps. 
Vidmaster Challenge: Lightswitch (0 points) Get to the rank of Lieutenant in any playlist in the new EXP progression system. 
Zombie Repeller (25 points) On a Mythic map, kill 2 Zombies during any ranked or social match. 

Rating 3

Show coordinates

To show coordinates in an offline game, hold left analog-stick + right analog-stick + LB + RB + down/right.

Rating 3

Stealing  Anti-Air Wraith hint

Two players are required for this trick. Go to any level where you can reach an Anti-Air Wraith and kill the person in the turret. Then, have one player board the Anti-Air Wraith in the front while the other player jumps on the front part of the Wraith, holding RB. Then, have the person who is boarding the Anti-Air wraith punch slowly. After two or three punches, the pilot will die-- but not the Wraith. The person holding RB will be in the Anti-Air Wraith. Note: If you exit the Anti-Air Wraith, it explodes. If a person is in the turret, there is no crosshair.

Rating 3

Stuck to the ceiling on "Last Resort":

In Forge mode, change into the Oracle and enter the "Buy Items" menu. Go over to "Scenery" and scroll down until you find "Container-Open". Place it on the map, then scroll down and buy a Gravity Lift in the "Scenery". Place the Gravity Lift on top of the Open Container, then go inside and jump. You will become stuck to the ceiling. To get down, throw a frag grenade directly below you. It will lower your shields, but it gets you down. This glitch can be useful during custom matches to kill people when they walk through. Note: Try using a shotgun or an energy sword.

Rating 3

Crossing the broken bridge with vehicles on "Tsavo Highway"

  • When you reach a bridge with a Warthog with barriers, usually you cannot cross this area (at least not easily). However, back in one of the buildings (before the bridge) is a Grav Lift. Grab it and throw it a bit before the break in the bridge, then run the Warthog or any other vehicle over it. This will make the next area much easier, especially under the Legendary difficulty setting.

  • When you reach the bridge where you have to leave your vehicle, slow down and look at the barriers. They can be flipped over to create ramps. Hit a loose barrier so that the top of it falls over away from the immovable barriers and position it as close to the immovable barriers as possible. Then, get a good running start before you hit it. It is easiest to push it from the end of it, then turning it to get it into position. You can also use a Warthog to push them. The Warthogs usually flip in the air, but they usually make it across the gap.

  • When you reach the point on the bridge where you cannot pass with a vehicle, notice a steel girder that you can walk across, but cannot drive your Warthog over. To get across, get into a Chopper and drive through the hole in the cement fence. Then, drive the Chopper across the steel girder and you can use it to kill the Brutes.

Rating 3

Two Arbiters glitch on "Covenant"

  • Play the mission alone. After exiting the third tower and killing all the Flood, there should be a group of Marines waiting in Warthogs and Tanks. The Arbiter willenter a Phantom and start to leave. Get in the Scorpion and destroy the Elite Phantom. The Arbiter will survive and fall on the slope below. Get in a Warthog and have the Arbiter jump in the back, then proceed as usual. The Arbiter will accompany you even though he normally is not there. After destroying the two Scarabs, the same Phantom you destroyed earlier should spawn another Arbiter on the ledge where he normally calls for you. The original Arbiter should still be in your Warthog. Drive the Warthog on the side of the ledge until you reach where the new Arbiter is standing. The Monitor will activate a light bridge and both Arbiters will now enter your Warthog. You can now drive both of them around. Note: After the cinematic with the Prophet and Johnson, only one Arbiter will be there.

  • When the Prophet of Truth begins to say "My faithful, stand firm...", immediately kill the Arbiter so he falls to the ground. This easily done by using a weapon that can knock him down with one shot when his shield is depleted, such as a pistol, carbine, BR, etc. Be precise; if you do not kill him you must start the rally point over. If done correctly, the Arbiter will not have time to get up before the cinematic. During the cinematic you should see one Arbiter with a sword standing still if you killed him close to the elevator while another Arbiter takes part in the cinematic running forward. Continue throughout the level with one Arbiter until you reach the beam bridge that allows you to cross to the crashed Pelican. As soon as you reach this section, another Arbiter will appear and you will have a second Arbiter. This glitch can be done on any difficulty setting in single player mode.

Rating 3

Leave level boundary on "Covenant"

Reach the part where you face the first normal Wraith. After killing it and the Prowlers, kill the turret with a Ghost and use the Ghost to ramp off the place where the turret used to be, onto the start of the "tower". It is easy to find, but tough to do. After you get up there, you will find a place where you need to grenade or partner jump. Do so until you cannot get any farther up the tower., then fall off to your right (you may want to only have one person do this). You should fall, then float in mid-air. Float to the rocks or mountain beside you. You will now be out of the level's boundary.

Rating 2

Terminal locations

To unlock the "Marathon Man" achievement, find all seven terminals in the following locations:

The Ark

  • Go left through a door once in the very first building of the stage. The terminal is located beyond a curving passage.

  • A terminal is located right near the device that activates the bridge on this stage.

  • There's a secret room in the third building which holds the third and final terminal on The Ark. After you come across and kill a group of sleeping Covenant enemies, head down the nearby corridor. You'll reach a door that is locked if you do. To the left of the locked door is an open door. Head through the door, and then turn around to find the terminal.

The Covenant
  • Head to the stage's first tower and stand on the elevator. Face the control panel, and then turn left. Jump over the obstacle, and find the terminal you seek.

  • Head to the stage's second tower and walk towards the entrance. When you come across a locked door, turn around to find the second of three terminals here.

  • Head to the stage's third tower and stand on the elevator. Face the control panel, and then turn right. Jump over the obstacle, and find the third and final terminal on the stage.

  • Traverse the first cave, and then head right until you come across a building. Walk along the passageway towards the building. Once inside, run left to find the terminal.

Rating 2

Ride the Pelican on "The Ark"

Before the Scarab tank is destroyed, find a chopper and proceed to the right of where you came from. There should be a door with purple pillars to your right. Drive up to one of the further pillars and park the chopper against it, then jump up onto the pillar and onto the roof next to you. Wait at the edge of the roof. When the Pelican lowers, jump onto it. The Pelican will fly across the map. You will fall through it and die.

Rating 2

Red vs. Blue easter egg on "Crow's Nest"

Immediately after the mission begins, you will find a large roadway crawling with Covenant forces. Instead of fighting your way to a door that will lead you to a room with two turbine-like objects, don't go through the door and follow the road all the way to the end. Make sure to kill all covenant on the way. Once you reach the end, you will find a Marine knocking on a door wanting to get in. If you listen closely you can hear that it is actually an excerpt from Red vs. Blue where Simmons is talking to Griff trying to get into the base. Note: There is a different message for each difficulty you play on:

Easy None
Normal Two Marines copying Red vs. Blue.
Heroic Simmons and Griff from Red vs. Blue.
Legendary Church and Caboose doing a "remake" of Simmons and Griff.

Rating 2

Ranked Lone Wolves game w/ friends

To play in a ranked Lone Wolves game w/ friends, at the Xbox 360 dashboard, change you and your friends languages to the second option from the bottom. Invite your friends and have everyone search at the same time. Everyone must then make a game in Lone Wolves. Before the countdown screen, press X to search for players with the same language. You should be in the same ranked Lone Wolves game as your friends.

Rating 2

Reload quicker

To instantly reload when you are a Spartan or Elite, press Up while reloading.

Rating 2

Floating Bubble Shield

Throw a Gravity Lift onto a flat surface and walk across the Gravity Lift. Then, place a Bubble Shield below you while in the air. After that, come off the gravity lift. The Bubble Shield you placed should be bouncing like a ball and float.

Rating 2

Weapon descriptions

The following is a list of weapons and their descriptions:

Assault rifle Very handy weapon to fight all enemies with, but not vehicles. This weapon is great for both covenant and flood and is available all through the game.
Battle rifle A powerful burst-firing rifle that has high damage and high accuracy. Better for taking out covenant than flood. Great for sniping.
Beam rifle A covenant sniper-rifle. Needs no clips but cannot be fired repeatedly due to overheating. Has high range and is powerful against brutes.
Brute shot A less powerful splash weapon that is handy for taking out crowds or vehicles. Has a high range and is very common throughout the game.
Brute spiker A brute weapon that is commonly used through out the game. Has a medium-sized clip and can be dual-wielded. Is more powerful against covenant.
Carbine A covenant version of a battle rifle. Is very handy for sniping and close combat. Fires single shots and has an average round. Commonly used by Jackals.
Energy sword A melee weapon that is extremely powerful against one opponent. Usually a one-hit KO. Great against both covenant and flood. Has a small rush towards target before striking.
Frag grenade Is a powerful and dangerous grenade that has the highest kill-radius. Has a bounce that can make killing opponents tricky.
Gravity hammer A rare and powerful melee weapon. Is only used by extremely powerful brutes. Can take out crowds and can push opponents away. Has a tiny rush when attacking.
Needler Can no longer be dual-wielded but is much more powerful. Can now explode with 4 needles. Good against a group and powerful opponents.
Pistol/Magnum A very powerful dual-wielding gun that has high firing power. The new pistol no longer has a small zoom and has very little bullets. But great for taking out both covenant and flood.
Plasma grenade Is a weaker grenade that can stick to opponents and detonate killing those around it. Sticks only on opponents.
Plasma pistol One shot of a fully powered shot can take out all of your shield. A powerful but tricky weapon to use. Can be dual-wielded. Handy because of its high range and high attack speed. Is better against covenant.
Plasma rifle A powerful weapon that is great against flood. Can dual-wield but will over-heat if fired for too long.
Rocket launcher An extremely high damage weapon that is good for taking out powerful opponents and vehicles. Also useful against groups of enemies. Has a splashed damage so be careful, can be hazardous to yourself as well...
SMG Just as powerful as in Halo 2. I think it has been upgraded to have higher firing power and has a recoil. Great for taking out both covenant and flood but can be tricky to find. Dual wielded.
Shotgun Low ranged but powerful weapon. Can hold small amount of ammunition but can fire in mid-reloading. Great against both covenant and flood but far more efficient verses flood.
Sniper rifle An extremely long-ranged rifle that can fire 4 shots in one round. Is the main weapon for sniping and usually takes 2 shots to kill in the torso.
Spartan laser The most powerful weapon of the game but requires a long charged wait. Good for killing vehicles and powerful enemies. Vital to kill the Monitor.
Spike grenade A less powerful but lethal version of a plasma grenade. When detonating is send spikes shooting in all directions. Can stick to BOTH opponents and vehicles.
Unknown weapon Explodes on impact spreading flames around the area. Has a burning effect that is good against flood more than covenant but can spread.

Rating 2

Fast melees:

To melee faster, press B, then press Y(2), B rapidly.

Rating 2

Avoiding The Flood

When inside the crashed Flood ships, avoid the "infection forms". Don't shoot the bubble-like objects on the walls as they will blow up and release many infection form Flood. The small ones can release five to ten infection forms. The big ones can release ten to twenty infection forms.

Rating 2

Ride the Pelican on "The Covenant"

It is possible to ride the Pelican. At the part where black bars appear and one says "If You Want It Done Right...", continue as usual. You can stop at the second tower and obtain the Thunderstorm skull if desired. When you reach the third tower, there should be a Phantom and some Banshees. Blow them up. The Pelican should advance towards the tower. Park the Hornet on it and hop out. The Pelican will probably throw you off the first few times. If you are playing in Co-op mode, you can have you friend park his Hornet on the ground near the tower to the left. If you are skilled enough, jump from the Pelican to the Hornet.

Rating 2

Destroying vehicles hint

The following are required for this trick: a plasma pistol, Spartan laser, power drain, plasma and spike grenades. For ground vehicles, use the Spartan laser. For fast ground vehicles, use the power drain on them then use the Spartan laser. When fully charged, the plasma pistol serves as a power drain. It will help with Banshees, Hornets and Phantom Turrets.

Rating 2

Unlockable Elite armor permutations

Unlock the following Elite armor permutations by performing the corresponding tasks:

Ascetic (Body) Get the "up close and personal" achievement.
Ascetic (Head) Get the "steppin' razor" achievement.
Ascetic (Shoulders) Get the "overkill" achievement.
Commando (Body) Get the "triple kill" achievement.
Commando (Head) Get the "overkill" achievement.
Commando (Shoulders) Get the "killing frenzy" achievement.
Flight (Body) Complete tsavo highway (on heroic or legendary).
Flight (Head) Complete the campaign mode (on legendary or heroic).
Flight (Shoulders) Complete "the ark" (on heroic or legendary).

Rating 2

Silver skull locations

Find the following silver skulls in the specified locations to activate the corresponding cheat functions:

Blind(Sierra 117) The arms of the player and the motion tracker disappear.
Cowbell(The Ark) Explosives increase in strength.
Grunt Birthday Party(Crow's Nest) If you get a headshot on a grunt it will explode.
I Would Have Been Your Daddy(The Covenant) Unlock new dialogue for the campaign.

Rating 2

Veteran's Day easter egg

Set the Xbox 360's system date to Veteran's Day (November 11) and go to "Custom Games" and the Valhalla map. Take a Banshee to the middle of the map and go to the opposite side of the crashed Pelican. On the huge dam-like wall, there should be a message directly in front of the Brute Shot stating that "Kilroy was here" in a white font. Also, if you face the wall, turn right, and walk towards the rock in front of that base to see the same message (with the same picture) under the grass.

Rating 2

Going through ceilings glitch

To go through ceilings (open boxes stacked on top of each other), you must be on a Forge map (a map that is used on Forge and custom games). Place a door horizontally on the second story box and place a machine gun turret to where it is laying down on the floor, but the part you grab onto is propped up onto the door. Make sure the part you grab onto is facing the floor. After a couple seconds, delete the door underneath the turret. The turret should float like that. Whenever you play that particular custom map on Forge or custom games, you should be able to jump up underneath that turret and grab onto it through the ceiling, then release it and pass through the ceiling. Note: This only works with machine gun turrets.

Rating 1

Happy Birthday easter egg

After setting your console's date to December 25 (it is recommended that you do while disconnected from Xbox Live), start the game and hold both thumbsticks down during the loading screen. A wider view of the Halo ring will be shown and the words “Happy Birthday Lauren!” will be faintly seen on the ring's surface. Note: This is said to be the last easter egg discovered in the game.

**Video Removed**
Rating 1

Start with pistol as Chief in multiplayer

Have player one start a single player campaign level where you start with a pistol, such as Sierra 117. During the Halo load screen (the Halo being built in the background) have player two sign in. Player one will start with an assault rifle and a pistol.

Rating 1

Float on "Last Stand"

On Last Stand (Zanzibar), you can float for a moment. To do this, go into the Forge lobby, press X, and adjust the player movement settings as follows: Speed -200% to 300% Gravity -50%. Start the game when you are finished and go to the beach. Get to the archway where the vehicles go, then turn and face the beach. You can either have someone go straight until they hit the invisible wall in the water, or take a guess. Either way, run toward the ocean. When you are about halfway to the person, press A to jump in the air. When you hit the invisible wall you should float slowly down, then begin to hover just off the ground.

Rating 1

Alternate endings

Unlock the following alternate endings by performing the corresponding tasks:

Alternate ending 1 Complete the game on Legendary difficulty.
Alternate ending 2 Complete the game on Legendary difficulty with all Skulls activated.

Rating 1

Ghosts on "Halo"

After you kill Eyeball 3000, eliminate all of the Flood. Once you reach the outside, go left and look down to notice a few Ghosts that can be used to get to the end of the level. Note: This was done under the Legendary difficulty setting.

Rating 1

Stretchy Master Chief on "Last Resort"

In Forge mode on Last Resort, ove to the two Mongooses next to the building on the far side of the map from the beach. As the Monitor, place six or more Fusion Coils near the side of the bridge coming out of the building. Change back to Master Chief and stand on top of the coils, then position yourself so that when they detonate you will fly into the side of the bridge. Then, end the game. Go to the theater and watch the movie. Play the explosion slowly by tapping A quickly to pause and restart the movie. If done correctly, upon impact Master Chief will stretch out.

Rating 1

Leave any level boundary on Forge

  • Go to Forge mode with at least one other player and spawn a turret. Have the player that will leave the level get on the turret while the other player grabs the turret, then go to an invisible wall (for example, the ocean boundary on Valhalla). Put them up to it whilestill in the turret and still holding it. You may push the other player through the barrier. If this happens, have the person on the turret press D-pad Up to turn into the Monitor. If the player does not get pushed through the barrier, put the person in the turret as close as you can to the invisible wall. Then, have them look up and press D-pad Up. Afterward, have the person that is not outside the level quit. The person outside the level should commit suicide in Monitor mode by going far outside the boundary. Then, go to Theater mode and advance to the point where you killed yourself, and press Y to go into free cam. You are now free to take screen shots as desired. If you do not want to keep fast-forwarding through the game, record the last moments where you die, and save that for future use.

  • To go through walls and fences, go to any map (Foundry is recommended) and sapw a Machine Gun Turret or Plasma Cannon. Put the weapon on the side of the wall, get on, and then turn left, then up. After, that turn to a "Guilty Spark". Turn back to a Spartan or Elite.

Rating 1

Skull collecting hint

In order to collect a skull, you must start the level from the beginning rather than at a checkpoint.

Rating 1

Monkeys with teddy bear on "Sierra 117"

After coming into contact with the snipers in the woods, follow along the left rock path to find a strange family of monkeys holding a teddy bear. This is a reference to the book The Summer Of Monkeys where a boy puts the teddy bear down on the stump and monkeys take it and hide in a forest.

Rating 1

Bonus content

To unlock pictures and a making of video on xbox live, complete the game on Legendary difficulty.

Rating 1

Plasma pistol tip

Use the plasma pistol's charges shot to stop a moving vehicle. However it will not stop a vehicle mounted weapon.

Rating 1

Staying zoomed in

If you are zoomed in as a Spartan or Elite and turn into the Monitor, press Up to turn back into your character and still be zoomed.

Rating 1

Invisible weapon glitch

With a partner and in Forge mode, have a friend or yourself host a game. The person who is the host must be a player while the person who is not the host must play as the Monitor. Spawn a weapon like a Brute Shot and have the Monitor look as if he or she is going to pick it up. Do the same thing with the player. Do a countdown and have both players pick it up. On the Monitor's screen, the player's hands should have no weapon, but that player should see the weapon in their hand. While the Monitor is still holding onto the weapon, press RT and the player's arm should be ripped off, or press Y button to delete it. This may require a few attempts.

Rating 1

Go through any window on Forge

On any map you can Forge, there arewindows and chain link fences that you cacn go through, such as Foundry and many other maps. With two players, ahve one player make a machine gun turret and set it down, then have the other person will get in it. After the person gets in the turret, have the other player pick it up with the Monitor while the person is still inside. Move it to a chain linked fence or window while pushing the player until he goes through the obstacle. Have the other player turn into the Monitor and go back into player mode. Do this when you see the window or fence in front of your face. Then, usually, you can move around and whatever desired. You can also try to put Spawners and Teleporters inside so that others can join you.

Rating 1

Multiplayer achievements hint

To easily pick up the "2 for 1", "Triplekill" and "Overkill" achievements, just wait for an objective Lone Wolves match, such as King Of The Hill and Oddball. They usually require a number of players to compete in a small space. Use this opportunity gain the desired achievement.

Rating 1

Breathing under water on "Sierra 117"

  • At the end of the level, when the Pelican arrives, itdestroys the two Covenant ships; one being above the water just outside of where Johnson is held. The other one is above the water in the place just before the Pelican lands. Climb in. Once the Covenant ship is destroyed on the side where it picks you up, the debris that remains will float on the water. Jump onto it and let it sink. From there all you can do is just jump from one piece of debris to the other. Note: If you touch the ground you will die.

  • At the part where the dropship pick up goes wrong (the Banshees attack the Pelicans), you are able to breathe underwater and get the beam rifles (under the Legendary or Heroic difficulty settings only) on the other side thanks to the Jackals. Note: The river also makes it so the enemy cannot hit you.

Rating 1

Hidden room on "Crow's Nest"

Reach the hangar and, once the Pelican starts to move, run back the way you came. In the hallway, three Marines will exit the last door on the left. You have to be fast or the door will close. Once you get in the room, the door will close. The door will open from the inside, but not the outside.

Rating 1

Get on top of map on "Covenant"

When you get to select which checkpoint you want to go to, choos Bravo. Work your way with a Mongoose to the part where you first see a Shade and Ghosts come out. Board a Ghost and go up a small opening next to some rocks, next to the main road, and boost your Ghost up this "path". Go the top of the hill. When you reach the top, there will be one or two soldiers that will compliment your Ghost, you, or ask questions. Keep going straight. Your screen will start to glitch and it will seem as if the game has frozen. A few moments later, you should be either on land or above the ocean.

Rating 1

Go underneath the Construct multiplayer map

To go underneath the Construct multiplayer map, you must be in Forge mode. As the Oracle, go down the pink Grav Lift by pressing LT to boost. Start boosting into one of the holes that is not a closed circle and continue to hold boost. Then, turn into either Spartan or Elite and you should fall underneath the map.

Rating 1

Beam rifle in Campaign mode on "Tsavo Highway"

Usually you cannot find a Beam Rifle in Campaign mode. Start the mission, get in the Warthog, and wait for the marine to open the door. Once he opens the door, drive out of the cave. When you are out, listen very carefully to the Marines. When a marine says "Snipers", get out of the Warthog and kill the Jackals close to a flying platform (the purple ones lifted with a big grav lift which has turrets on it). Both of those Jackals have Beam Rifles.

Rating 1

Door shows player's view on "Halo"

Play on "Halo" in Campaign mode with two players on the same Xbox 360. After you leave the control room, follow the snowy path off to the right. Cortana will tell you to find a door. It is easy to find as it is very large and the path leads directly to it. Once you pass through the door, go down the hall and fight off the Flood. Leave player two at the end of the hall you just came through while making sure not to look at the door you just came in. Have player one progress as usual. When player one enters the hallway that leads to the rest of the mission, have player two look at the first door you came through. It should show player one's screen in the doorway. If you leave the hallway, it will change into a normal door.

Rating 1

Development team easter egg

Go to "Custom Games", select tjhe Last Resort (Zanzibar) map, and go to the area to the right of the windmill (with the sniper and fusion coils). There is a plaque on the wall directly ahead that reads "Camp Froman" and shows a man with messy hair and glasses. It also shows a sniper rifle under "Camp Froman". "Froman" is the nickname of one of the Bungie employees, who made the location originally on Zanzibar and moved it to Last Resort as well.

Rating 1

Secret places on "The Pit"

On "The Pit" in Forge mode, there are four secret places you can get to. When you start, go to the building where the flag is, except in the bottom. Look at the top to see a Jackal's portrait going across. Note: You may need to wait. Then, turn to the orb and fly as close as you can to the window. Spawn a teleporter (receiver) and it will go inside. Once in there, you can put anything desired, but cannot jump or go too far away or you will die.

Rating 1

Floating objects in Forge mode

  • While in Forge mode, you can make a weapon or certain items float in mid-air. First, create an item and make the top of the item flat so that you can place a weapon easily on it. Place a weapon on top of the item, then go to the item that is holding the weapon and press Y. Note: Do not press A then Y. The item will be gone, but the weapon will still be floating in mid-air.

  • To make objects stay afloat, have one person must spawn a Receiver Node (teleporter) while the other player spawns an object that they can carry when the teleporter is dropped on it (for example, a crate). Make sure the Receiver Node is upside down when placed on the crate or other object, otherwise whatever you place on the teleporter will slant. Once the teleporter is on the box for at least ten seconds, get rid of it. After that, the teleporter will float. UYou cannot stand on it, but you can place objects on it.

Rating 0

Go inside with Flood man with Teleporter glitch

Go into Forge with at least two people and find out who is host (the best way to create the game with one person and have him or her invite the other player in; the person who was in first is definitely the host). If you only have two people, get the host into the tube using the "Turret" glitch. To do this, create a turret next to the tube, turn into a Spartan, go on the turret, and turn it all one way. Then, transform into a Monitor. Basically you will need a non-host player outside the tube. The non-host player on the outside of the tube should create a receiver node and change it to a channel that is not being used. Take it to the top of the tube and get it into the little gap as far as you can. Repeatedly tap A (picking up and letting go). It should half fall into the tube. When this happens, the player on the inside needs to grasp it and position it so it does not hit a wall (otherwise the teleporter will be blocked). The player on the outside should now create a sender none and put it into the same channel. Try to step through. If it says that it is blocked, get the player on the inside to move it. If you go through, the glitch has worked.

Rating 0

Marine password

On Crow's Nest, proceed as usual until you reach the big area with all the trucks(where the warthog gets blown up by a plasma grenade). Kill all of the enemies and, instead of going through the door where the brute comes out of, keep going straight. When you reach the end, turn to your right and you will see a marine trying to get in a door with another marine on the other side of the door asking the marine to give him a password. Listen to what they say for a funny conversation.

Rating 0

Invisible bridge on "Last Resort"

After setting the speed and gravity to the lowest value, start the game. Stand on the wheel in the middle so that one of the arms raises you up. When you are high enough so that you can start walking up the arm, walk up to the center of the wheel. You will notice a hole on the round wall in front of you. The hole has some black wires hanging around it. Crouch jump into this hole and continue jumping straight up. In a few jumps you should be able to squeeze between the wires and get on an invisible bridge. This makes an excellent sniping point.

Rating 0

Rolling dead Flood arms

Go to the first level with the Flood. When you see them, kill them and look at the ground to see the severed arms of the Flood rolling around on the floor.

Rating 0

Riding destroyed vehicles

Start a Forge session with two people (preferably in split-screen mode) and spawn a Ghost. Have one person throw a plasma grenade on it. While the plasma grenade is on the Ghost, have the other person get in. If done correctly, you should be in the destroyed vehicle. Note: You cannot move it.

Rating 0

Skull effects

Skulls can only be collected under the Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty settings. You must also start from the beginning of the mission; the skulls don't appear if you load from a checkpoint, unless doing so after you die. In Co-op mode, as soon as one player picks the skull up, all players will receive the achievement. Note: Not all skulls earn an achievement; only nine of them do so. To use skulls, press X at the lobby screen to activate a bonus multiplier for co-op and go towards earning the Guerrilla, Demon, etc. achievements.

  • Black Eye Skull
The description reads "Bash your way to better health." This skull causes your shields to not regenerate until you hit an enemy with a melee attack. Note: You don't have to kill them but simply hit them with a melee attack.

  • Blind Skull
The description reads "Shoot from the hip". This skull causes you to lose your H.U.D., including the shield meter and motion sensor. It must be activated before you start a Campaign map. Also, you will also lose your crosshairs and cannot see what weapon you are wielding.

  • Catch Skull
When active, this skull makes it so that all enemies and allies have two grenades and throw them often. This will also lead to the Covenant sticking themselves.

  • Cowbell Skull
Using this skull will increase explosive force, just like the Sputnik Skull from Halo 2.

  • Famine Skull
This skull's description reads "Trust us. Bring a magazine." When active, dropped weapons will have less ammo.

  • Fog Skull
This skull's description reads "You'll miss those eyes in the back of your head." When active, will no longer have a motion sensor.

  • Grunt Birthday Party Skull
When active, this skull makes Grunts explode in confetti when they are hit with a headshot. There will also be some cheering, like a birthday party.

  • IWHBYD Skull
This skull's description reads "But a dog beat him over the fence." This skull activates hidden dialogue from various characters and enemies. If this is the thirteenth skull you have located, it will also unlock the Hayabusa Head. IWHBYD stands for "I Would Have Been Your Daddy" which is a level chapter from the original Halo.

  • Iron Skull
This skull's description reads "Death carries a heavy price...". This skull makes you start from the beginning of the current level when you die. When playing in co-op mode, the death of any player will cause everyone to start from the most recent chapter.

  • Mythic Skull
This skull's description reads "Coverage under the Covenant health plan." When active, your enemies have double the usual health points.

  • Thunderstorm Skull
This skull's description reads "Field promotions for everyone!" Enemies are stronger than usual.

  • Tilt Skull
This skull's description reads "What was once resistant is now immunity." When active, the shields of Brutes and some Flood Combat Forms are nearly impervious. They must be taken down with a plasma weapon.

  • Tough Luck Skull
This skull's description reads "Your foes always make every saving throw". This skull causes your enemies to be more effective at dodging grenades and other projectiles.

Rating 0

Evil duck on "Isolation"

On Isolation, go to the Flood cave where the Ghost appears. Go in front of the Ghost, look up, and slowly walk a short distance to see a big smudge on its face, but look carefully for the duck's body. You can partly see its face and the horns on its head, which is related to the picture in Zanzibar in Halo 2.

Rating 0

Reviving Flood strategy

When you kill any Flood that can come back to life by the infection forms, melee the body to break it apart and thus save ammo.

Rating 0

Getting out of the pit

Playy Forge and turn into the Oracle. Place a two-way node below a fence and go directly up to the fence as far as you can. Then, gothe highest point while hugging the fence. After that, place a two-way node where you are located. It should spawn on the other side of the fence. If it disappears, try again. Go into the node still as the Oracle. Do not turn back into Spartan or Elite or else you only have five seconds before the Guardians kill you. Also, do not touch the ground or you will die. You can stand on the ledge or Warthog. If there is no Warthog behind the fence you are at, it is the wrong one.

Rating 0


While you are crouching, you will not appear on the motion-sensors. To crouch, click and hold the Left Analog-stick.

Rating 0

Flipped Elephant message on "Sandtrap"

With two players, enter the Sandtrap on the Forge. Try getting as many pre-placed fusion coils and plasma batteries before you start. Place as many fusion coils and plasma batteries as possible in front of an Elephant, then drive into the pile. Shoot into the pile until it explodes. It will either just jump a little, stand up on the rear, or turn all the way around. When you get close, the message "Press RT to... Wait. How did you do that?" will appear. You can also flip an Elephant by making two of them collide.

Rating 0

Flying Elephant on "Sandtrap"

In Forge mode, place a bunch of fusion coils and plasma batteries inside an Elephant and set their run time minimum and maximum to the same number. This will cause them to respawn instantly. Start shooting them or throw a grenade at them to caus ean endless explosion and make it fly in the air forever. Note: This may require multiple attempts. The message "Hold X to flip the... Wait, how did you do that?" may also appear.

Rating 0

Huge Forge mode area on "Sandbox":

In Forge mode, go to the "Sandbox" level. Around the middle of the map find a small, round, pyramid type object made of four large corners. Delete them all to unveil a small panel on the ground where you deleted the pyramid. It looks different than all the other ground panels) Also delete that panel. There is now a square hole. Jump in it to reach a huge empty area.

Rating 0

Sticky frag grenades and heat-seeking plasmas

This only works under Easy, Normal and Heroic difficulties. A Warthog, Mongoose, or Wraith are required. Pick up a Bubble Shield and activate it. Before the Bubble Shield runs out, immediately search for a deployable cover and activate it inside the Bubble Shield. Park the Warthog, Mongoose or Wraith inside the Bubble Shield to destroy the deployable cover. Wait for the Bubble Shield to run out. Once the Bubble Shield runs out, get out of the vehicle you are driving and kill yourself with any grenade except for the Spike Grenade. When you spawn again, any time you pick up a Frag Grenade it can stick, but sometimes it will not detonate until it is touched or walked or driven over. You will have infinite Plasma Grenades that are heat seeking. The heat seeking Plasma Grenades will not land or detonate until it sticks to an enemy. Note: The grenade mostly sticks to enemies, but be careful as plasma grenades trying to hit an enemy in your and/or your ally's direction may stick to you or one of your allies instead. If you see that one is flying towards you and is going to stick to you, do a melee attack on it to change its direction, or shoot it to detonate.

Rating 0

Cavemen on "Sierra 117"

After the Pelicans crash, clear the area like you normally would. As the area narrows as you continue, there are some rocks on your left that you can jump on. Proceed along a ledge thereafter. Once it heads down, you'll pass a large boulder on your left. After you do, turn around and take a look where the wall and the boulder intersect to see a family of primitive cavemen-like people!

Rating 0

Getting energy swords on "Covenant"

When you reach the part with a Hornet, proceed and clear out all of the Brutes before going inside the tower. After the Elites land, go up to one of them and bash them, but not in the back or they will die. Bashing them will take their shield down. After that, throw a plasma grenade at the Elite and make sure it sticks. Since he is about to die, he will take out his energy sword. When he dies from the grenade, take his sword. Note: This will not work with any other grenade. This procedure will also work with the Arbiter. When you get the energy sword it will only have about 55 energy in it. If you obtained one from the Arbiter it will only have 2 or 3 energy in it.

Rating 0

Vehicles go through invisible walls

On certain levels in Campaign mode, you want to take your vehicle through most of the level. However, there are invisible walls that keep the vehicle from moving past where it is needed. To simply pass through this, drive your vehicle through the doorway, gate, tunnel, etc. where the invisible wall is located. Just before you go through it, jump out and let the vehicle slide through the wall. This lets you take the vehicle through the rest of the level.

Rating 0

Killing Arbiter on "Sierra 117"

Get a Needler and shoot the Arbiter until he explodes and dies. Note: The higher the difficulty, the more it will take to kill him.

Rating 0

Red vs. Blue easter egg

Find any Warthog in Custom Games or Forge modes and look at the rear left hubcap. To the right of the hubcap on the wheel, it very faintly reads "Puma", referencing Grif's comment on what they should call the Warthog (a.k.a. Chupathingy) from season one immediately after Caboose and Donut arrive.

Rating 0

Undead Scarab on "The Ark"

Note: This trick requires the Cowbell Skull enabled. Start at rally point bravo. and get a ghost after you go to the big hole in the ground with the two Wraiths. After killing everyone, a small door should open into the tower. Push the Ghost in by beating it, then take the Ghost through the doors until the game saves and the Scarab walks over you. Get out, throw a plasma grenade on the Ghost, and jump. You should land on the Scarab. This may require some practice. Get in the turret, wait until it sinks into the ground, and get off. Kill it and run away. Continue with the level and when the time comes, only half of a Scarab will come down.

Rating 0

Leave level boundary on "Isolation"

In Forge mode, get as high as you can as the Monitor and spawn a teleporter on the ground. Then, hug any wall while being as high as you can and spawn another teleporter. If the teleporter beneath you is lit up as it should be, turn back into a Spartan or Elite and go through the it. You should now be outside the level boundary.

Rating 0

Multiplayer ranks

Reach the following ranks by getting the corresponding amount of skill and experience points.

1. Recruit Skill: 0, EXP: 1
2. Apprentice Skill: 0, EXP: 2
3. Apprentice Grade 2 Skill: 0, EXP: 3
4. Private Skill: 0, EXP: 5
5. Private Grade 2 Skill: 0, EXP: 7
6. Corporal: Skill 0, EXP: 10
7. Corporal Grade 2 Skill: 0, EXP: 15
8. Sergeant Skill: 0, EXP: 20
9. Sergeant Grade 2 Skill: 0, EXP: 30
10. Sergeant Grade 3 Skill: 0, EXP: 40
11. Gunnery Sergeant: Skill 0, EXP: 50
12. Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2 Skill: 0, EXP: 60
13. Gunnery Sergeant Grade 3 Skill: 0, EXP: 150
14. Gunnery Sergeant Grade 4 Skill: 0, EXP: 300
15. Lieutenant: Skill 10, EXP: 70
16. Lieutenant Grade 2 Skill: 10, EXP: 85
17. Lieutenant Grade 3 Skill: 10, EXP: 200
18. Lieutenant Grade 4 Skill: 10, EXP: 400
19. Captain Skill: 20, EXP: 100
20. Captain Grade 2 Skill: 20, EXP: 150
21. Captain Grade 3 Skill: 20, EXP: 300
22. Captain Grade 4 Skill: 20, EXP: 600
23. Major Skill: 30, EXP: 200
24. Major Grade 2 Skill: 30, EXP: 300
25. Major Grade 3 Skill: 30, EXP: 600
26. Major Grade 4 Skill: 30, EXP: 1,200
27. Commander Skill: 35, EXP: 300
28. Commander Grade 2 Skill: 35, EXP: 450
29. Commander Grade 3 Skill: 35, EXP: 900
30. Commander Grade 4 Skill: 35, EXP: 1,800
31. Colonel Skill: 40, EXP: 400
32. Colonel Grade 2 Skill: 40, EXP: 600
33. Colonel Grade 3 Skill: 40, EXP: 1,200
34. Colonel Grade 4 Skill: 40, EXP: 1,800
35. Brigadier Skill: 45, EXP: 500
36. Brigadier Grade 2 Skill: 45, EXP: 1,000
37. Brigadier Grade 3 Skill: 45, EXP: 2,000
38. Brigadier Grade 4 Skill: 45, EXP: 4,000
39. General: Skill 50, EXP: 600
40. General Grade 2 Skill: 50, EXP: 1,200
41. General Grade 3 Skill: 50, EXP: 2,500
42. General Grade 4 Skill: 50, EXP: 5,000

Rating 0

Deleting your emblem

To delete your emblem, putt the seventh column as your main emblem, blank as your background, and press X.

Rating 0

Playing as another character in Campaign mode

At the main menu, press Start and a screen will appear. Press Right and select "Appearance" to c hoose what kind of character you want to play.

Rating 0

Leave level boundary on "Halo"

Reach the end of the level. At almost the end of the last ramp, you will leave a tunnel. There will be two towers that you can use the "Escalator" trick on to get up them and out of the level.

Rating 0

Smarter respawning hint

When playing in Co-op under the Legendary difficulty setting, it is recommended to have one player keep their distance from the enemy at all times. By doing this, if the rest of the players die, they will respawn around the player that is farther back instead of having to restart the checkpoint.

Rating 0

Leave level boundary on "Highground"

While inForge mode, go down to the beach area and get in a Mongoose. Have the person in the Mongoose accelerate at the barrier. Afterwards, have the Wraith boost at the back of the Mongoose from a short distance. For a brief moment the Mongoose will be past the barrier. When this happens, get out to be outside of Highground. This trick works in all ocean maps.

Rating 0

"We're In For Some Chop" achievement hint

Go on any Campaign mission (and perhaps Co-Op) that has Warthogs or Troophogs. Get all your Marines inside of one and kill all the other Marines. Eventually the ones in the Warthog or Troophog will turn on you. Blow up the Warthog or Troophog to earn the achievement.

Rating 0

Throwing grenades in Monitor mode

It is usually impossible to throw grenades while in Monitor mode. To do so, start Forge mode and in Human mode, aim at your front (close to your foot), then throw a grenade. Before the grenade touches the ground (or before it appears on the screen), press Up to turn into Monitor mode. In Monitor mode, aim at the desired target and quickly tap Up(2). If done correctly, you will throw a grenade while in Monitor mode. When you turn into Monitor mode before the grenade hits the ground, the grenade will be saved so that when you turn back into Human mode it gets thrown again. This is why your player will turn into a human and back into Monitor when you tap Up(2). Note: Spike Grenades will expire if you do not throw it for more than about five to ten seconds. This means that if you tap Up(2), the grenade will not be thrown.

Rating 0

Hiding location on "Sierra 117"

When you reach the part where the two Pelicans get shot down, jump in the water. You will not die, which makes this an excellent hiding place for when your health is low. Do not go off the waterfall because the water at the bottom kills you as usual.

Rating 0

Mythic map pack skulls

In the mythic map expansion levels, locate the following skulls in the corresponding locations:

Assembly On the central tower in forge.
Orbital At the two road blocks where you have to jump, located on top of the structure on the right.
Sandbox Fly towards the sunset and turn around to find this skull.