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Halo 3 Cheats "Stealing  Anti-Air Wraith hint" (Xbox 360)


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Stealing  Anti-Air Wraith hint

Two players are required for this trick. Go to any level where you can reach an Anti-Air Wraith and kill the person in the turret. Then, have one player board the Anti-Air Wraith in the front while the other player jumps on the front part of the Wraith, holding RB. Then, have the person who is boarding the Anti-Air wraith punch slowly. After two or three punches, the pilot will die-- but not the Wraith. The person holding RB will be in the Anti-Air Wraith. Note: If you exit the Anti-Air Wraith, it explodes. If a person is in the turret, there is no crosshair.

2 years ago

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