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Halo 3 Cheats "Sticky frag grenades and heat-seeking plasmas" (Xbox 360)


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Sticky frag grenades and heat-seeking plasmas

This only works under Easy, Normal and Heroic difficulties. A Warthog, Mongoose, or Wraith are required. Pick up a Bubble Shield and activate it. Before the Bubble Shield runs out, immediately search for a deployable cover and activate it inside the Bubble Shield. Park the Warthog, Mongoose or Wraith inside the Bubble Shield to destroy the deployable cover. Wait for the Bubble Shield to run out. Once the Bubble Shield runs out, get out of the vehicle you are driving and kill yourself with any grenade except for the Spike Grenade. When you spawn again, any time you pick up a Frag Grenade it can stick, but sometimes it will not detonate until it is touched or walked or driven over. You will have infinite Plasma Grenades that are heat seeking. The heat seeking Plasma Grenades will not land or detonate until it sticks to an enemy. Note: The grenade mostly sticks to enemies, but be careful as plasma grenades trying to hit an enemy in your and/or your ally's direction may stick to you or one of your allies instead. If you see that one is flying towards you and is going to stick to you, do a melee attack on it to change its direction, or shoot it to detonate.

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