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Halo 3 Cheats "Urinating Brute on "The Ark"" (Xbox 360)


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Urinating Brute on "The Ark"

Select "The Ark" and the "Rally Point Bravo" checkpoint under the Legendary difficulty setting. After Spark messes around with the door and opens it, walk in very slowly while crouching. Kill a few Grunts on the left and continue to begin hearing some noises. Look around the middle divider to see a Brute in a corner, making the noises. After you look around the corner, save the game and quit. Then, go to Theater mode and select "The Ark" (if not already selected). Go into roaming camera. Once Spark opens the door, go over to the Brute and look at it to see as if it is urinating.

2 years ago

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