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Halo 3 Cheats "Weapon descriptions" (Xbox 360)


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Weapon descriptions

The following is a list of weapons and their descriptions:
Assault rifle Very handy weapon to fight all enemies with, but not vehicles. This weapon is great for both covenant and flood and is available all through the game.
Battle rifle A powerful burst-firing rifle that has high damage and high accuracy. Better for taking out covenant than flood. Great for sniping.
Beam rifle A covenant sniper-rifle. Needs no clips but cannot be fired repeatedly due to overheating. Has high range and is powerful against brutes.
Brute shot A less powerful splash weapon that is handy for taking out crowds or vehicles. Has a high range and is very common throughout the game.
Brute spiker A brute weapon that is commonly used through out the game. Has a medium-sized clip and can be dual-wielded. Is more powerful against covenant.
Carbine A covenant version of a battle rifle. Is very handy for sniping and close combat. Fires single shots and has an average round. Commonly used by Jackals.
Energy sword A melee weapon that is extremely powerful against one opponent. Usually a one-hit KO. Great against both covenant and flood. Has a small rush towards target before striking.
Frag grenade Is a powerful and dangerous grenade that has the highest kill-radius. Has a bounce that can make killing opponents tricky.
Gravity hammer A rare and powerful melee weapon. Is only used by extremely powerful brutes. Can take out crowds and can push opponents away. Has a tiny rush when attacking.
Needler Can no longer be dual-wielded but is much more powerful. Can now explode with 4 needles. Good against a group and powerful opponents.
Pistol/Magnum A very powerful dual-wielding gun that has high firing power. The new pistol no longer has a small zoom and has very little bullets. But great for taking out both covenant and flood.
Plasma grenade Is a weaker grenade that can stick to opponents and detonate killing those around it. Sticks only on opponents.
Plasma pistol One shot of a fully powered shot can take out all of your shield. A powerful but tricky weapon to use. Can be dual-wielded. Handy because of its high range and high attack speed. Is better against covenant.
Plasma rifle A powerful weapon that is great against flood. Can dual-wield but will over-heat if fired for too long.
Rocket launcher An extremely high damage weapon that is good for taking out powerful opponents and vehicles. Also useful against groups of enemies. Has a splashed damage so be careful, can be hazardous to yourself as well...
SMG Just as powerful as in Halo 2. I think it has been upgraded to have higher firing power and has a recoil. Great for taking out both covenant and flood but can be tricky to find. Dual wielded.
Shotgun Low ranged but powerful weapon. Can hold small amount of ammunition but can fire in mid-reloading. Great against both covenant and flood but far more efficient verses flood.
Sniper rifle An extremely long-ranged rifle that can fire 4 shots in one round. Is the main weapon for sniping and usually takes 2 shots to kill in the torso.
Spartan laser The most powerful weapon of the game but requires a long charged wait. Good for killing vehicles and powerful enemies. Vital to kill the Monitor.
Spike grenade A less powerful but lethal version of a plasma grenade. When detonating is send spikes shooting in all directions. Can stick to BOTH opponents and vehicles.
Unknown weapon Explodes on impact spreading flames around the area. Has a burning effect that is good against flood more than covenant but can spread.

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