Hot Wheels: Beat That! Xbox 360 Cheats

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Unlockable Cars

Unlock the following cars by performing the corresponding tasks:

16 Angles Complete Turbo Mode
Battle Spec Complete Nitro Mode
Bone Shaker Complete 2nd tournament on Nitro, Mini Golf
Burlesque Complete Turbo Mode
Carbide Complete Inferno Mode
Dieselboy Complete 2nd tournament on Inferno, Mini Golf
Drift King's 24/ Seven Complete 1st tournament on Turbo, Bedroom
Hollowback Complete 1st tournament on Inferno, Bedroom
Muscle Tone Complete 1st tournament on Nitro, Bedroom
Power Bomb Complete Inferno Mode
Super Tsunami Complete Turbo Mode
Synkro Complete Nitro Mode
The Demon Complete 2nd tournament on Turbo, Mini Golf
Vulture Complete Nitro Mode
Shadow MKII Collect All Flames
Spine Buster Complete Inferno Mode

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Place 3rd or higher in the Bedroom Tournament in Turbo mode.

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Touchdown! (10 points) - Land a jump on all 4 wheels.
Supercharged! (10 points) - Hit an opponent with a super charged weapon.
More Score! (10 points) - Achieve a Secondary Goal in an event.
Got Even! (10 points) - Perform a Revenge Attack.
Double Trouble! (20 points) - Perform 2 Revenge Attacks in a single event.
Perfect 10! (10 points) - Score 10,000 Hot Wheels Points in a single event.
Point Power! (10 points) - Score 15,000 Hot Wheels Points in a single event.
Stunt Master! (15 points) - Score 20,000 Hot Wheels Points in a single event.
Wild Animal! (25 points) - Score 25,000 Hot Wheels Points in a single event.
Gold Rush! (20 points) - Achieve Gold in any Quickrace event.
No Rookie! (40 points) - Complete of Bedroom, Turbo.
Rogue Trader! (40 points) - Complete of Mini Golf, Turbo.
Ace of Race! (40 points) - Complete of Attic, Turbo.
Hot Stuff! (40 points) - Complete of Bowling Alley, Turbo.
Level Up! (45 points) - Unlock Nitro mode.
Fearless! (55 points) - Complete of Bedroom, Nitro.
Trick or Treat! (55 points) - Complete of Mini Golf, Nitro.
Troublesome! (55 points) - Complete of Attic, Nitro.
Fire Started! (55 points) - Complete of Bowling Alley, Nitro.
Raging Inferno! (50 points) - Unlock Inferno mode.
Rampaging Renegade! (75 points) - Complete of Bedroom, Inferno.
Mean Business! (75 points) - Complete of Mini Golf, Inferno.
No Angel! (75 points) - Complete of Attic, Inferno.
Blazing Saddle! (75 points) - Complete of Bowling Alley, Inferno.
Beat That! (85 points) - Earn the Beat That! rank.

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Cheat Codes

Unlock the following cheat functions by entering the corresponding cheat codes:

Maximum car stats Hold L then press Y, X, UP, X, Y, DOWN. Then, release L.
Shadow MKII Hold L and press Up, Y, X, DOWN, X, Y, UP.