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Incredible Hulk, The Cheats ""Terrifying Tourist" achievement hint" (Xbox 360)

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"Terrifying Tourist" achievement hint

To find the nineteen subways required, head to the following areas and search using the corresponding compass directions:

Harlem - Located top north, central. One block down from highway.
Cathedral Parkway - Above the northwest corner of Central Park.
125th Street - Northeast corner, just below the long pier.
Empire State University - Northwest area, just near the highway "S" curves.
Central Park - Directly south of western point of the top lake.
86th street - Northeast area, west of third pier (counting from the top).
Metropolitan Museum - The street that heads east-west, directly below the building with same name.
Lincoln Center - Western area, a block north above the building with the same name.
Columbus Circle - Southwest corner of Central Park.
Lexington Avenue - Southeast corner of Central Park. Go three blocks east.
Hell's Kitchen - Western area, three blocks north above the Jacob K. Jovitz building.
Times Square - Directly northwest above the Conde building.
Grand Central - Directly west of the building with the same name.
Penn Station - Southeast corner of the Jacob K. Jovitz area.
East Broadway - Southeast area, a block west of the long pier.
Canal Street - Directly west of Flatiron Building.
Chinatown - Southern area. A block north above the top of the four piers.
Chambers Street - Southwest area, A block above New York Building.
Wall Street - Directly east of New York Stock exchange.

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