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Infinite Undiscovery Cheats "Easy money hints" (Xbox 360)


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Easy money hints

-In the first town, after defeating the Shine, go to the market and buy Red Berry for 30 and Blue Berry for 35, for a total of 65. Make 100% Berry Juice using Rucho, then sell it back to the market for 225 for a profit of 160.

- After completing the Shrine event in Nolaan at the start, use the following crafting steps to help make easy money.

1. Help the merchant woman in the shop with deliveries. It takes about five minutes and allows for better merchandise:

a. Deliver the pottery wheel to the cranky old man that lives in the house which, when leaving the shop, is directly across the alley from the stairs.

b. Give the hair clip to woman in front of shop,

c. Give the iron weights to the energetic old man running around near the well.

2. Do Castle Prevant and destroy the Azure chain.

3. Return to Nolaan and connect with Aya or Rucha. Buy twice as many red berries as blue berries, then create 100% berry juice. The cost to create each juice is approximately 95 Fol.

4. Repeat step 3 as many times as desired. To level Edward's blacksmithing, save up until you can buy 99 sandstone. Then, make sandstone rings until you can create smile charms, which cost 240 Fol to make (two sheep skin at 120 each and sell for 1,500 Foll; or roughly 1,340 Fol profit each. About 99 of those is worth over 100,000 Fol. If you cannot find Edward, he is near the front of the town, and Aya hangs out in Rico and Rucha's mother's house on top of the hill. At some point if you get bored with the sandstone, relax but save all metal scraps, as well as bronze and iron metal, until Edward can create plate armor. You can create the plate armor, but it takes time, effort, and patience to level his blacksmithing.

-Have Edward, Eugene and Rucha in your party and buy the following: Sliced Fish, Deviant Fish, Iron, Granite and Sheep Hide. To buy 99 of each will cost about 46,000 total. After buying all of those goods, head to Port Zala and use all three party members’ skills to create a Deviant Fish Platter, Smiley Charm, and Horseshoe Charm. All of the goods will sell to Faina for 249,000, making you 203,000 each time you attempt this technique!

-At the very start of the game, there’s a great technique to earn a profit. Level up Edwards first, doing so by making the Cork Bow. Once your party regroups after saving Aya, head back to Nolaan. Once you can make the Smile Charm, go to town and purchase Sheep Skins, as many as you can. It takes two Sheep Skins to make a Smile Charm, and while the materials cost you 240, they will earn you 1,500 when sold! Later in the game, when you can go to Port Zala, you can purchase Iron and Granite from Faina, allowing you to make the Horseshoe Charm. These items sell for 2,600! Both of these techniques are quick and easy, so give ‘em a try!

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