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Infinite Undiscovery Cheats "Helping the shop people" (Xbox 360)


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Helping the shop people

To help the shop people in Halgiti after talking to Owen the old Nightwhisper next to Michelle, perform the following tasks:

To help the item lady, give her 3 Lenteso Wood. Get them from the Lumpers on the mine floor in Seraphic Gate.
To help the Armorer, kill the lizards outside Halgiti next to the teleporter to Kolton.
To help the Weaponsmithm, give him 150,000 FOL.

Afterward, they will sell better items and weapons but will get rid of some of the old ones. Buy 99 Silver Metal from the item lady before giving her the Lenteso Wood. The item lady sells these once you have given her the Lenteso Wood:

Cloths - Linen Cloth, Cotton Cloth, Bark Cloth, Ramie Cloth, Kenaf Cloth, Buffalo Hide, Silver Fox Fur, Rabbit Hide
Metals - Gold Metal, Titanium Metal, Bronze Metal, Hearth Stone, Metatite, Metal Fragment
Woods - Ebony Wood, Lux Wood, Lenteso Wood

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