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Infinite Undiscovery Cheats "Item Creation" (Xbox 360)


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Item Creation

Improve the following skills by performing the corresponding tasks:

Improve Alchemy - Go to Fayel, talk to the Alchimistier next to Savio in the castle, and give him a Dragon Eye.
Improve Cooking - Go to Halgiti, talk to Rucha, and give her 1 Rare Salmon, 3 Sapran Green Peppers, 2 Prehistoric Meat, and 3 Piera Mushrooms.
Improve Enchanting - Go to Sapran, talk to the elder by the chain, and answer his questions. The answers are 1. New moon, 2. Levan, 3. Bone comb, 4. Burgasstadt, and 5. Faina.
Improve Forging - Go to Kolten, talk to Kristopher, and give him the third answer.
Improve Writing - Go to Port Zala, and talk to Rico. Give him two Clerk Quills, one Genius Quill, 2 Lunatite, and 1 Amarlista.

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