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Just Cause Cheats "Boarding the President's plane" (Xbox 360)

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Boarding the President's plane

-When flying the jet in the final level, fly over the top of the plane and try to hover over one of the wings or the front of the plane (recommended). Quickly jump out of the jet and let go. If done correctly, a "Jump to vehicle" icon will appear. Immediately press A and he will grab on. You will then appear in the plane.

-On the last mission you will be in a jump jet with other jets following you. Go towards the Presidential plane, fly straight into i,t and bail out above the wing. If you touch the plane, you board it. When on board, kill the black hand and go towards the door. You will begin falling . Fly towards Mendoza and tap A to start a cutscene where Rico puts a bomb on Mendoza. Mendoza explodes, then Rico says "He always wanted to spread his spirit; and now there's pieces of him everywhere!". You will respawn at Mendoza's mansion and the game will end.

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