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Just Cause Cheats "Taking over sites hints" (Xbox 360)

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Taking over sites hints

-When taking over a village with the guerrillas, ignore most of the enemies and charge towards the roadblock the government has up. Destroy it using grenades, a rocket launcher, or timed explosives. Do this to each one to make the "Capture enemy flag" objective appear. Rush to it and press A to conquer that area. For other villages without roadblocks (such as the towns when a police car with a turret on the back appears), go in it. One of your teammates will also enter. Drive down street and your partner will gun down everyone. Then, capture the flag when instructed. Do not open fire on your team or they will kill you.

-Use your heavy drop in your PDA when taking over Guerrilla and Rioja sites. Select the truck and start shooting your way through the entire thing until you have to take the flag at a Guerrilla site, or kill the head honcho at a Rioja site.

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