Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 7

Infinite backpack glitch

First, go to Mel Senshir and save your game. Then, kill the Dokkalfar merchant to the left of where you spawn. Pay the fine or go to jail, then go to one of your houses and sleep for 4 days. Now return to Mel Senshir and the Dokkalfar merchant you killed will have respawned with fresh inventory. Purchase a new backpack and repeat for an unlimited supply of backpacks.

Rating 6


A Life of Crime (15) - Get caught committing a crime 25 times.
A Wink and a Smile (15) - Succeed at 50 Persuasion attempts.
And Then There Were None (20) - Kill 500 enemies with abilities.
Big Spender (15) - Spend 200,000 gold.
Blades of Glory (15) - Acquire 10 Unique weapons (Special Delivery weapons excluded).
Bookworm (15) - Read 50 books.
Breaking and Entering (15) - Pick 50 locks.
Bull in a China Shop (15) - Smash 1,000 objects.
Cartographer (20) - Discover 100 locations.
Cleaning Up the Streets (20) - Kill 50 bandits.
Complete the Travelers storyline quests. - Complete the Travelers storyline quests.
Crime Doesn't Pay (10) - Spend over 10,000 gold in crime bribes.
Diamond in the Rough (10) - Craft a Pristine Shard.
Elixir of Fate (20) - Make a potion with the Essence of Fate.
Five Finger Discount (10) - Steal and fence an item.
Foiled Again! (15) - Parry 100 times.
Good as New (10) - Repair a piece of equipment.
Green Thumb (15) - Harvest 10 of each type of reagent.
House of Ballads (20) - Complete the House of Ballads storyline quests.
House of Sorrows (20) - Complete the House of Sorrows storyline quests.
It Didn't Explode! (10) - Make a stable potion by experimenting.
It is Your Destiny (50) - Unlock a top tier destiny.
Jack of All Trades (10) - Unlock a Jack of All Trades destiny.
Jailbreak (10) - Break out of jail.
Juggler (20) - Land 5 consecutive hits on a launched enemy.
Loremaster (20) - Discover all Lorestones.
Master of the Forge (20) - Romancing the Gem (15)
Niskaru Slayer (20) - Kill 25 Niskaru.
Open Sesame (15) - Dispel 50 wards.
Out of Your League (20) - Kill an enemy 4 levels higher than you.
Pickpocket 20 times. - Pickpocket 20 times.
Reckoning Rampage (20) - Kill 5 enemies with a single Fateshift.
Riposte! (10) - Land 25 special attacks out of Parry.
Romancing the Gem (15) - Craft an Epic Gem.
Scholia Arcana (20) - Complete the Scholia Arcana storyline quests.
Shock and Awe (15) - Kill 100 enemies with abilities.
Shop Class (10) - Craft a piece of equipment with Blacksmithing.
Some of This, Some of That (10) - Unlock a two-class hybrid destiny.
The Great Detective (10) - Detect 25 hidden things.
They Never Saw it Coming (10) - Backstab 20 enemies.
Trapper (15) - Kill 25 enemies with traps.
Warsworn (20) - Complete the Warsworn storyline quests.
Would You Like Fries with that? (15) - Land 100 complete attack chains.

"The Legend Of Dead Kel" achievements
Message in a Bottle (25 points) - Locate all eight message bottles in Gallows End.
Keep on Rising (50 points) - Fully restore Gravehal Keep.
Exterminator (25 points) - Kill 50 Scavs.
Give Her a Hand (25 points) - Found Aubrey Gilcrest's severed hand.
Manic Pixie Dream Elf (25 points) - Wooed Rast Brattigan.

"Teeth of Naros" achievements
Murder Most Fowl (25 points) - Kill 50 Pteryx.
The Harder They Fall (20 points) - You've bested Kahrunk without killing his attendants.
We Built this City (50 points) - You helped the Kollossae in the Teeth of Naros break free from their fate.
Mistaken Identity (25 points) - You've found a strange Almain who has been hiding in the sewers of Idylla.
Beam Me Up (25 points) - Used the Henge to enter Idylla.
I Regret Nothing (5 points) - Fell to your death from the Idylla Concourse.

Rating 4

Train more than 3 pets

When you get Pet Training, you normally can't train more than 3 pets. When asked to choose a pet to discard, select "Raise Pets" option [center option on left side]. After it you will be able to select option to train another pet. You can train all possible pets this way.

Rating 0

Easy combat training hint

Place traps in the Combat Training Arena before you start training. They will remain there when training begins, damaging and slowing your enemies early on.