LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 6

Cheat code reference

Watch the cinematic sequence in part 1 when Indy returns to Barnett College. When all the college students are watching Indy, notice his chalkboard on the upper right. It has "0p1ta5" on it. This is the code for the "Super Slap" cheat.

Rating 5

Increase stud values

To increase stud values, activate the 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, and 10x Treasure cheats. Studs will then be worth 3,840x their normal value.

Rating 5

Character codes

Enter any of the following codes at the university's math classroom tounlock the corresponding characters at the 'Extras' menu:

Barranca - 04EM94
Belloq (Desert) - CHN3YU
Belloq (Jungle) - TDR197
Belloq (Priest) - VEO29L
Boxer - 8246RB
British Commander - B73EUA
British Officer - VJ5TI9
British Trooper - DJ5I2W
Captain Katanga - VJ3TT3
Chatterlal - ENW936
Chucin - 3NK48T
Colonel Dietrich - 2K9RKS
Colonel Vogel - 8EAL4H
Dancing Girl - C7EJ21
Desert Digger - 12N68W
Desert Enemy Officer - 2MK45O
Desert Masked Bandit - N48SF0
Desert Monkey Man - 3RF6YJ
Desert Soldier - 4NSU7Q
Desert Swordsman - 1MK4RT Donovan - 3NFTU8
Dr. Schneider (Desert) - JSNRT9
Dr. Schneider (Officer) - VMJ5US
Enemy Bazookaman - S93Y5R
Enemy Butler - VJ48W3
Enemy Communications Officer - 1MF94R
Enemy Guard - VJ7R51
Enemy Guard (Nepal) - YR47WM
Enemy Officer - 572E61
Enemy Pilot - B84ELP
Fedora - V75YSP
First Mate - 0GIN24
Grail Knight - NE6THI
Hovitos Tribesman - H0V1SS
Indiana Jones (Officer) - VJ85OS
Indiana Jones (Disguised) - 4J8S4M
Jungle Guide - 24PF34
Kaokan - WMO46L
Kazim (Desert) - 3M29TJ
Kazim (Venice) - NRH23J
Laoche - 2NK479
Maharaja - NFK5N2
Major Toht - 13NS01
Mola Ram - FJUR31
Pankot Assassin - 2NKT72
Pankot Guard - VN28RH
Punjabi Dignitary - KD48TN
Punjabi Village Elder - 4682E1
Sherpa Brawler - VJ37WJ
Sherpa Gunner - ND762W
Slave Child - 0E3ENW
Thuggee - VM683E
Thuggee Chatterlal - CNH4RY
Thuggee Priest - T2R3F9
Thuggee Slavedriver - VBS7GW
Willie (DJ) - VK93R7
Willie (Pajamas) - MEN4IP
Wuhan - 3NSLT8

Rating 3

Star Wars easter eggs

-In The Temple Of Doom: Shangai Showdown, when you go out from the club, look to the left to see a sign that reads "Obi Wan Club".

-In Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Lost Temple, when Belloq wants you to forfeit the treasure, Indiana Jones pulls out head of C-3PO to fool him.

-In the first level when you are on the raft, go into the waterfall to find a box or leaf. Hit it, then build the scholar panel. If you have a scholar you can get in. There will be an Ewok on the islands. He will wave at you, then leave.

Rating 3


This... this is history... (40 points) - Collect all artifacts.
Your mail is on your desk (40 points) - Post all parcels.
Fortune & glory kid (100 points) - Beat the game to 100%.
You chose... wisely (30 points) - Unlock all of the available characters.
You will become a true believer (20 points) - Use a Thuggee Statue 20 times.
Bad dates! (20 points) - Give 20 bananas to monkeys.
What a cautious fellow I am (20 points) - Destroy 50 objects with a bazooka or other explosive device.
You call
this archaeology? (20 points) - Use a scholar character's academic ability 50 times.
The best digger in Cairo (20 points) - Uncover 50 pieces of buried treasures using the excavation ability.
Trouble with her is the noise (20 points) - Destroy 50 objects or characters using the scream and super scream ability.
Start the engines, Jock! (20 points) - Use a mechanic character's repair ability 50 times.
How we say goodbye in Germany (20 points) - Access restricted enemy locations 50 times.
There is nothing to fear here (10 points) - Beat the "The Lost Temple" level in Story Mode.
It's important Marion, trust me (10 points) - Beat the "Into the Mountains" level in Story Mode.
Belloq's staff is too long (10 points) - Beat the "City of Danger" level in Story Mode.
Why did it have to be snakes? (10 points) - Beat the "The Well of Souls" level in Story Mode.
I'm making this up as I go along (10 points) - Beat the "Pursing the Ark" level in Story Mode.
Keep your eyes shut! (10 points) - Beat the "Opening the Ark" level in Story Mode.
Short Round, step on it! (10 points) - Beat the "Shanghai Showdown" level in Story Mode.
I had bugs for lunch! (10 points) - Beat the "Pankot Secrets" level in Story Mode.
Kali Ma will rule the world! (10 points) - Beat the "Kali's Temple" level in Story Mode.
Quit fooling around (10 points) - Beat the "Free The Slaves" level in Story Mode.
Take the left tunnel! (10 points) - Beat the "Escape the Mines" level in Story Mode.
Prepare to meet Kali! (10 points) - Beat the "Battle on the Bridge" level in Story Mode.
X marks the spot! (10 points) - Beat the "The Hunt for Sir Richard" level in Story Mode.
Don't call me Junior! (10 points) - Beat the "Castle Rescue" level in Story Mode.
We're not going in the boat? (10 points) - Beat the "Motorcycle Escape" level in Story Mode
No ticket (10 points) - Beat the "Trouble in the Sky" level in Story Mode.
They're well out of range dad (10 points) - Beat the "Desert Ambush" level in Story Mode.
He chose... poorly (10 points) - Beat the "Temple of the Grail" level in Story Mode.
I hate these guys (20 points) - Destroy 200 bad guys.
It's not the years honey... (40 points) - Beat any level with out dying, without invincibility.
How dare you kiss me! (15 points) - Use your whip to kiss Marion, Willie and Elsa.
Oh it breaks the heart (15 points) - Oh it breaks the heart.
That belongs in a museum! (10 points) - Beat the "Young Indy" level in Story Mode.
Nice try, Lao Che! (20 points) - Destroy Lao Che with Indy.
Goodbye Dr. Jones (20 points) - Destroy Indy with Lao Che.
I step on fortune cookie! (20 points) - Destroy 50 creepy-crawlies.
He no nuts. He's crazy!! (20 points) - Smash 250 LEGO objects.
Hey! You call him Dr. Jones! (20 points) - Create and name a custom build character.
That’s for blasphemy! (20 points) - Destroy Indy with Jones Snr.
Show a little backbone will ya? (20 points) - Destroy 100 snakes
Blow it up! (40 points) - Blow up 5 enemies with 1 explosion.
I can't believe what you did! (20 points) - Disarm 100 enemies with the whip.
Throw me the idol (20 points) - Perform 150 whip grabs in the game.
We go for a ride (20 points) - Perform 250 whip swings in the game.
Got lost in his own museum (30 points) - Unlock secret area in the museum.
Where Forrestal cashed in (30 points) - Collect 1,000,000 studs in the Ancient City Level.
A source of unspeakable power! (20 points) - Build 250 LEGO objects.
You cheat very big! (30 points) - Unlock all extras.

Rating 2

Easy studs on "Warehouse

Use the following trick to get 1 million studs in the unlockable Warehouse level in less than three minutes. Play as a bazooka trooper when you enter the level. Once in the Warehouse, go all the way to the far right-hand side of the level. You will see a big target. Use your bazooka trooper to blast this target repeatedly until you have 1 million studs.

Rating 1

Leave level boundary on "Shang Hai Showdown"

In the hangar after building the car and ramming through the wood to the north, you see a brick figure. Push it off the edge and build a small character hole, then have a small character climb in there then get a woman and jump on the platform to your right. Jump onto a steel girder and it will appear as if she is falling. Move out as if you want to fall and she should start walking above the level.

Rating 1

Santa Claus

If you choose the "Secret Characters" extra while playing in Free Play mode on the "Into The Mountains" mission you can get Santa Claus.

Once you are in the last area of the level, get all of blue blocks and put them on the blue platform. Then, build both platforms to get on the mountain edge. Follow the path and you will find a house. Find a way up there to see presents and Lego blocks that will make a sleigh. Go in the chimney then break the boxes. There will be a candy cane that you can use for a weapon as well as Santa Claus.

Rating 1

Reach courtyard from artifact room

In the artifact room in Barnett College, there a ledge with a railing. Jump off of the ledge with any character and you will end up in the courtyard.

Rating 1

Easy studs hints

-Enable the VM4TS9, VLWEN3, V84RYS, A72E1M, and VI3PS8 codes to have all of the multipliers active at once. This results in a x960 multiplier. One blue brick will give you a over a million points instead of a thousand.

-Unlock the Treasure x2, Treasure x4, Treasure x6, Treasure x8, and Treasure x10 cheats in your extras menu. Apply them in order from highest to lowest to get a x3840 multiplier. A silver will be worth 20,000 studs each.

-Go to any level, find the parcel and put it in the mailbox. A purple stud will appear every time you do so. Repeat this trick to get lots of studs quickly.

Rating 1

Raining Lego studs

To make it rain Lego studs inside the college, get a 100% game completion.

Rating 0

Secret levels

Collect all artifacts in the listed level to unlock the corresponding secret levels:

Collect all artifacts in Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Young indy level
Collect all artifacts in Temple Of Doom - Ancient city
Collect all artifacts in The Last Crusade - Warehouse level

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Enter any of the following codes at the university's math classroom to unlock the corresponding cheats at the 'extras' menu:

Artifact Detector - VIKED7
Beep Beep - VNF59Q
Character Treasure - VIES2R
Disarm Enemies - VKRNS9
Disguises - 4ID1N6
Fast Build - V83SLO
Fast Dig - 378RS6
Fast Fix - FJ59WS
Fertilizer - B1GW1F
Ice Rink - 33GM7J
Parcel Detector - VUT673
Poo Treasure - WWQ1SA
Regenerate Hearts - MDLP69
Secret Characters - 3X44AA
Silhouettes - 3HE85H
Super Scream - VN3R7S
Super Slap - 0P1TA5
Treasure x2 - VM4TS9
Treasure x4 - VLWEN3
Treasure x6 - V84RYS
Treasure x8 - A72E1M
Treasure x10 - VI3PS8
Treasure Magnet - H86LA2

Rating 0

Secret library entryway

Go to the artifact room to the right of the stairwell. Once you step inside, there will be a big hole. Go the railing with any character and jump over it. You should arrive at the courtyard, which is a quick and fast way to get to the library.

Rating 0

Red Parcels

One Red Parcel is hidden in each level. After finding one, drop it in the gray and red postbox hidden nearby. When you return to Barnett college, enter the mail room through the middle door on the right side of the hall. Bonuses unlocked by the parcel can be purchased here.

Rating 0

Unlocking Han Solo

First, find the following five characters in the corresponding locations. After finding all five characters, Han Solo can be purchased in Free Play mode for $100,000.


In the Lost Temple after you snag the idol fire an explosive at the gray wall. Smash the blocks he is enclosed in.

Luke Skywalker
In Into the Mountains go to the area with the collapsing ice bridges.Fall down the third one and blast the wall of ice to free Luke.

In the City of Danger go to the last room with the truck. Decipher theglyph panel to find the cantina and crawl through the vent to reachChewie.

Princess Leia
In Free the Slaves go to the fourth area. Go down the railings and blast
the rubble. Use the soldier door to find her.

In Desert Ambush, in the first area, go the left side and use a high jumper to get
up top. Head left and use the whip platform to lower a Sandcrawler
tube. R2-D2 will pop out.