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Lost Odyssey Cheats "Easy experience hint" (Xbox 360)


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Easy experience hint

To easily gain experience, have your party at level 44. Have Kaim and Seth in the front row as power hitters, and have the three people you want to level in the back row. For example, start with this formation Kaim, Seth, Sed and back row as Jansen and Ming. Rotate the mortals out as you learn their skills. Go to the Temple of Enlightenment. Make sure you have an abundance of Mana Rechargers and run around the diamond-shaped track by the save point. If you stay in this area you will fight only three types of easy monsters, giving you lots of SP and experience points, but not much gold, You will fight a black Kelolon (weak against Ground magic). In another battle you will fight three exploding poison monsters. They repeat the same strategy every fight; try to stay one step ahead. The third fight is against four wind element bats, and three fire element nymph-like creatures. If you keep Seth and Kaim in your group you will level up quickly.

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