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Mad Tracks Cheats ""Treasure Hunt" achievement hint" (Xbox 360)


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"Treasure Hunt" achievement hint

Disable "Auto Respawn" in the options settings, then go into Arcade mode so you don't need to worry about other cars finishing the race. Start it by yourself:

Toy Race Aliens
1. Directly behind you at the start of the race.
2. At the huge jump in the middle of the track, the alien is on the high track. Use a boost just before leaving the track.
3. On the ground, to the right of Alien #2.
4. Somewhere on the ground. Drive around and you should find it easily.
5. Just before entering the ventilation shaft near the end of the race, on the right.

Black Out Flags
1. To left of starting point, in the bath tub.
2. From the starting line, take your direct left and fall to the ground. Head left and you should see the flag.
3. From Flag #2, go to the top right of the map. The flag is near or under a chair.
4. On top of a chair that has a path leading up to it from the ground level. Take the path and grab the flag. It is very close to Flag #3.
5. Go around the track until you are at the table area with the candles and the wine glasses. There are two power pickups, one on the right, and farther to the left. Go to the top left of this table. Drive off the table heading towards the wall. You should land on a blue ledge near the wall. Follow this wall and drive off in the same direction you have been traveling. You should hit the ground level. From here, turn to your right and you should see the flag.

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