Madden NFL 06 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 4


Activate RS card - 10 points
Complete 30 years of franchise mode - 400 points
Complete an offline game - 30 points
Enter the History Book - 10 points
Get four sacks in one game - 100 points
Get a first down - 20 points
Pass for 350 yards - 100 points
Rush for 200 yards - 100 points
Score a touchdown - 30 points
Win a franchise mode game - 100 points
Win the Super Bowl - 100 points

Rating 2

Card Codes

At “Main Menu” > “My Madden” > “Madden Cards” > “Madden Codes”, enter the following passwords to gain the corresponding rewards:

2Y6S7Q - #188 1st AND 15 Gold
3H5T7Z - #195 Human Plow Gold
3K2Q2T - #197 Da Boot Gold
3T4E3Y - #208 Pocket Protectors Gold
3X1V2H - #210 QB On Target Gold
2W4P9T - 1st and 15 Bronze
2Y7L8B - 1st and 5 Bronze
3F9G4J - 3rd down Bronze
3E9R4V - 5th down Bronze
3J3S9Y - Da boot Bronze
8Q2J2X - Donovan McNabb Gold Madden Card
3D3Q3P - Extra Credit Bronze
3H3U7F - Human Plow Bronze
3H8M5U - Super Dive Bronze
3D8X6T - Tight Fit Bronze
2Z2F4H - Unforced Errors Bronze

Rating 2

Easy Touchdowns

Using Substitutions, put your best WR in the TE position and use either a designed play or a Hot Route to have him run a Fly route. He’ll either be covered by an LB or left completely uncovered, and you’ll have easy touchdowns every time.

Rating 2

Easy training camp points

Make the D play the Zone CB play in the Goal Line formation. If you use a passing play, your WRs will run past the zone quickly and you can throw touchdowns every time.

Rating 1

Onside kick trick

Change to an Onside Kick formation. When everyone is set, kick the ball at about 31 power and 99 accuracy to kick the ball into the ground and make it bounce up high. Select the closest player and sprint to the ball. This will result in a recovery more often than not.

Rating 1

Knocking over O-Linemen

When on defense, select a defensive lineman and move him a couple of steps back from the line of scrimmage. When the ball is snapped, run forward and Hitstick the offensive lineman. This will almost always knock him down and put you on a path for the quarterback.

Rating 1

"Complete 30 years of franchise mode" achievement hint

Use the following trick to complete 30 years of franchise mode easily. First, begin a new franchise. When asked to pick your team to play the franchise with, select all of them. After that, start your franchise but do not play any games. First, simulate pre-season. Then, simulate regular season and continue to do that until you have unlocked an achievement (about years 2033 or 2034) and get your 400 points.

Rating 1

Extra depth chart positions

The following is a list of all of the extra depth chart positions (KRPR, KOS, LS, 3DRB) of every top position:

1. Dante Hall (KC)
2. Santana Moss (WAS)
3. Dennis Northcutt (CLE)
4. Michael Lewis (NO)
5. Jermaine Lewis (FA))
6. Antwan Randle El (PIT)
7. Philip Buchanon (HOU)
8. Chad Morton (FA))
9(t). Adam Jones (TEN)
9(t). Azair Hakim (DET)
11. Bethel Johnson (NE)
12. Derrick Mason (BAL)
13. Alan Rossum (ATL)

1. Sebastion Janikowski (OAK)
2. Shane Lechler (OAK)

1. Jonathan Ogden (BAL)
2. Orlando Pace (STL)
3. Walter Jones (SEA)
4. Kevin Mawae (NYJ)
5. Will Shields (KC)

1. Ladanian Tomlinson (SD)
2. Edgerinn James (IND)
3. Priest Holmes (KC)
4(t). Curtis Martin (NYJ)
4(t). Tiki Barber (NYG)
6. Shaun Alexander (SEA)

Rating 1

Pumping up the crowd

Before the snap on defense, click the Left Analog-stick to pump up the crowd and make them louder.

Rating 1

Cheap QB trick

Create a kicker or punter with maxed attributes. He’ll be cheap because of his position. Once you’ve signed him, put him in the QB position.

Rating 1

Making players suffer

If there is a player you dislike, do the following to make him suffer. Go to "Features", then to "Rosters" and select his team. Choose the player and go to "Attributes". Reduce his injury to "0". This may take awhile; you may also want to set the game to four or five minute quarters.

Rating 0

Easy movie deal

In Superstar mode, if your player has the “Disruption” trait, go with the agent Jason Morales to get a movie deal before the start of the first season.

Rating 0

New apartment/Mansion

To get a new apartment in Superstar mode, win the Super Bowl and get to the Pro Bowl in the same season. Do this twice to get a mansion.

Rating 0

Unlockable Cards

Complete the following objectives to unlock the corresponding Madden Cards.

#146 - Get Gold in All-Madden Pocket Presence.
#16 - Get Gold in the All-Madden Pocket Presence drill.
#194 - Get Gold in the Chase and Tackle drill. (Any Difficulty)
#195 - Get Gold in the Ground Attack drill. (Any Difficulty)
#197 - Get Gold in the Clutch Kicking drill. (Any Difficulty)
#199 - Get Gold in the Swat Ball drill. (Any Difficulty)
#208 - Get Gold in the Pocket Presence drill. (Any Difficulty)
#209 - Get Gold in the Trench Fight drill. (Any Difficulty)
#210 - Get Gold in the Precision Passing drill. (Any Difficulty)
#211 - Get Gold in the Coffin Corner drill. (Any Difficulty)
#250 - Complete Bears Game Situation.
#252 - Complete Bills Game Situation.
#253 - Complete Broncos Game Situation.
#254 - Complete Browns Game Situation.
#255 - Complete Buccaneers Game Situation.
#256 - Complete Cardinals Game Situation.
#257 - Complete Chargers Game Situation.
#258 - Complete Chiefs Game Situation.
#259 - Complete Colts Game Situation.
#261 - Complete Dolphins Game Situation.
#262 - Complete Eagles Game Situation.
#263 - Complete Falcons Game Situation.
#265 - Complete Giants Game Situation.
#266 - Complete Jaguars Game Situation.
#267 - Complete Jets Game Situation.
#268 - Complete Lions Game Situation.
#269 - Complete Packers Game Situation.
#270 - Complete Panthers Game Situation.
#271 - Complete Patriots Game Situation.
#272 - Complete Raiders Game Situation.
#274 - Complete Ravens Game Situation.
#275 - Complete Redskins Game Situation.
#276 - Complete Saints Game Situation.
#277 - Complete Seahawks Game Situation.
#278 - Complete Steelers Game Situation.
#279 - Complete Titans Game Situation.
#28 - Get Gold in the All-Madden Coffin Corner drill.
#280 - Complete Texans Game Situation.
#281 - Complete Vikings Game Situation.
#3 - Get Gold in the All-Madden Chase and Tackle drill.
#36 - Get Gold in the All-Madden Ground Attack drill.
#40 - Get Gold in the All-Madden Precision Passing drill.
#52 - Get Gold in the All-Madden Swat Ball drill.
#58 - Get Gold in the All-Madden Clutch Kicking drill.
#96 - Get Gold in the All-Madden Trench Fight drill.

Rating 0

Extra Agent

To unlock the agent Dan Barker, import a player from NCAA Football 06 or NFL Street 2 into NFL Superstar mode.

Rating 0

Performance Institute

Once you have access to the Performance Institute in Superstar mode, use it on Sunday in the preseason, then when the season starts, continue to do the drills on Sundays before your games. On the Monday after the game, do the same drill again. This trick will allow you to accumulate stats steadily. Note that you must continue to do the drills in order to maintain the stat increases.

Rating 0

Notable free agents

The following is a list of free agents in the game:

-Former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar appears in the game as a free agent. Lesnar was cut by the Vikings before press time.
-Eddie George appears as a free agent and went unsigned by a team at press time.
-Wide receiver Tim Brown appears in the game as a free agent after retiring at press time.
-Former cover athlete Dorsey Levens appears as a free agent.
-Former cover athlete Garrison Hearst appears as a free agent.
-Jeff George appears as a free agent in the game.
-Chris Chandler appears as a free agent in the game.
-NFL Europe Quarterbacks Bruce Eugene, and Brock Berlin appear as free agents and members of the NFL Europe teams in the game.
-Ty Law appears as a free agent in the game after the Patriots won a Super Bowl without him and Law was released.
-Tedy Bruschi appears as a free agent before he re-joined the Patriots at the midway point of the season.
-CFL Quarterback Ricky Ray appears as a free agent.
-Winnipeg Blue Bombers Receiver Terrence Edwards appears as a free agent.
-Winnipeg Blue Bombers Linebacker Ike Charlton appears as a free agent cornerback.
-Winnipeg Blue Bombers Quarterback Kliff Kingsbury appears as a free agent.
-Winnipeg Blue Bombers Quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie appears in NFLE in this game.
-Mark Fields, a former linebacker for the Carolina Panthers appears as a free agent and was cut by the team.

Rating 0

Injured players hint

In the depth chart,switch an injured player with the regular starter. They will act as if they had no injury. For example, if you switch Daunte Culpepper with Brad Johnson, he can throw and run just as well as he would without an injury.