Major League Baseball 2K6 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 3

Easy perfect game

To easily win a perfect game, play a game in exhibition mode using two controllers. If you have a profile then you will be credited with a perfect game, and you will also earn tokens.

Rating 2

Easy tokens hint

To easily gain tokens, make a Created Player for every position and set their stats to maximum. Then, add them all to the same team and start a franchise with that team. Simulate the entire season to receive around 5,000 tokens. Repeat as desired.

Rating 1


Offensive Explosion (300 points) - Score twenty runs in one game on the "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.
Robbery! (150 points) - Make a wall climb catch to rob a homerun.
Super Slugger (200 points) - Hit three homeruns in one game with the same player on the "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.
Thief (150 points) - Steal five bases in one game on the "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.
Unhittable (200 points) - Strikeout fifteen batters with one pitcher in one game on the "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.

Rating 1

First overall pick

Begin a franchise with a bad team (Pirates, Devil Rays, etc.) and trade any player that has a 81+ rating. Then, simulate the season. Hope to finish in last place. After all the playoffs and awards you will probably get the first to fifth picks in the draft.

Rating 0

Easy double play hint

When there is a runner on base and the batter pops up, get under it and press LT to have the runner on base run before you catch the ball. When you catch it throw the ball to the base the runner started on for a double play.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes:

All jerseys, stadiums, teams, arcade games, and cheats that can be purchased. This unlocks six of the first seven skybox cheats. - "Derek Jeter"
Topps 2K6 All-stars - "Dream Team"
Rocket arms - "Gotcha"
Crazy pitches - "Unhittable"
Bouncy ball - "Crazy Hops
Super wall climbs - "Last Chance"

Rating 0

Cheap created players:

To sign a created player for cheap, sign them to the maximum term of seven years. Then, change their abilities, position etc.