Man vs. Wild Xbox 360 Cheats

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All God's Creatures (20 points) - Find all the animals of interest in the Everglades.
Bob's Boats (20 points) - Find all of Bob McClure's Boats in the Everglades.
Pack Rat Grylls (20 points) - Tag all the Junk in the Everglades.
Osteologist Grylls (20 points) - Find all the Camel Bones in the Sahara.
As I Scan This Wasted Land (100 points) - Complete the "Sahara" campaign.
Reminders of the Rush (20 points) - Locate all the Gold Rush Trash in the Rockies.
Climbing the Rockies (100 points) - Complete the "Rocky Mountains" campaign.
Animal Kingdom (20 points) - Locate all Animals of Interest in the Rockies.
Down in the Low, Low Land (100 points) - Complete the "Everglades" campaign.
Horticulture Grylls (20 points) - Locate the Rare Plants in the Rockies.
Patton Was Here (20 points) - Find all the WWII Artifacts in the Sahara.
Hard to Pronounce, Hard to Find (20 points) - Find all Five Andiperla Willinkis in Patagonia.
Nice Place You Had Here (20 points) - Locate all the Trash in Patagonia.
Wild, Man! (40 points) - Completed the Tutorial in Base Camp.
Born Survivor (100 points) - Complete all episodes without passing out.
Bear Grylls (100 points) - Reach the Level "Bear Grylls".
Only Hope Can Keep Me Together (100 points) - Complete the "Deserted Island" campaign.
These Belong in a Museum (20 points) - Find all the Ancient Artifacts in the Sahara.
Flight 815 (20 points) - Find all the Plane Debris in Deserted Island.
How about A Winter's Tale (100 points) - Complete the "Patagonia" campaign.
Casted Away (20 points) - Find all the Man Made Items in Deserted Island.