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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Cheats "Unlockable Characters" (Xbox 360)

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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Hulk - Collect all 5 Gamma Regulators
Jean Grey - Collect all 5 M'Kraan Shards
Thor - Asgardian Runes
Ms. Marvel - Beat the NYC Level
Deadpool - Beat the D.C. Level
Iron Fist - Choose the Rebel side
Songbird - Choose the Register side
Green Goblin - Beat the Wakanda level
Venom - Beat the Wakanda level
Nick Fury - Beat the Game
Luke Cage - Select Anti-reg, or get him after Iron Man grants amnesty to the Anti-reg.
Penance - Defeat Penance in the portal room to the Negative Zone.
Reed Richards - Select Pro-reg, or get him after Iron Man grants amnesty to Anti-reg.
Songbird - Choose the Register side.

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