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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Cheats "Multi-hit combos" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Multi-hit combos

Execute the following combos performing the corresponding tasks:

Over 80-hit combo
Play asCable, B.B.Hood, and War Machine. Use all their specials at once and it may do 80 to 184 hits.

Over 86-hit combo
Play as Tronne Bonne, Servbot, and Guile. Have level a 3 meter and have Guile in play. Press L + R to do a combo doing 86 to 160 hits.

100-hit combo

Play as Cable first, then Iron Man and BB Hood. Use a level 3 combo for 100 hits.

Over 100-hit combo

You need four Hyper Combo gauges for this trick. Play as Strider, Iron Man and Spiral, in that order. Have Spiral with her ground type assist. Jump in with Strider, hitting for two in the air, then go for his standing four as you call in Spiral for her assist. She should come in and bust face long enough for you to activate Oroborous. Run in and hit standing LP, LK, LP, LK, then repeatedly tap LP so the Oroborous keeps hitting. Then, hit for standing LP, LK, LP, LK and, once again, rapidly tap LP. At this point your Oroborous should be chipped down to its last fifth of a bar. Call in the Team Hyper combo. It is not 100% (sometimes Spiral's combo knocks it all out, but opponents can almost never retaliate this team combo) but, if timed correctly, you will always hit for at least 100 hits. Also, if you get them into a corner, you can then low LP, low HP to air combo them with Strider's midair Excalibur.

110-hit combo
Play as Cable, Gambit, and B.B Hood. You will have to unlock B.B Hood and Gambit by buying them in the Secret Factor. During arcade mode, get up to at least to level 3 or higher. Do their Hyper Combo specials. This combo will do at least 110 hits and a lot of damage. It works better when you are close to your opponent.

114-hit combo
Play as Gambit, Iron Man, and War Machine. Get a level 3 hyper combo gauge and do all their hyper combos to do a 114-hit combo. If not, try starting the Hyper Combo with another person.

115-hit combo

Play as Cable, T. Bonne, and Chalsm (in that order), then get the level gauge up to at least 3. Do a hyper combo to unleash a powerful blow. Note: Try to keep the enemy on the ground. Also, this will not work every time. It will happen about half of the time.

126-hit combo
Play as War Machine, Iron Man, and B.B. Hood, then get at least a level 3 gauge. Do a hyper combo and will unleash a powerful blast. Also, try to keep the enemy on the ground. The combo should do at least 126, sometimes even up to140 hits.

200-hit combo
Play as Cable, Iron Man, and B.B. Hood and get your level 3 hyper combo (usually with punches in the air). Wait until your opponent gets a striker out, then use the hyper combo to do at least 150-220 hits.

407-hit combo

You must use three Iron Men. Also,the must opponents bust out a level 3 Hyper Combo and miss, and all three characters must be in the same location. Have at least three levels on your super combo, then get close and press LP(2). Then, activate your level 3 super. This combo under these circumstances will hit for a minimum of 405 hits, and more for larger characters.

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