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Mass Effect Cheats "Scan the Keepers in Citadel" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC


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Scan the Keepers in Citadel

The following are the locations of the Keepers:

  • Wards
In the hanger bay through C-Sec.
In the right-most room in the Presidium Wards Access corridor.
In the alleyway next to the market and Choras Den.
In the upper market area.
In the C-Sec Requisition Office.
In the Traffic Control Room in C-Sec.
Inside Flux, by the quasar machines in the back left.
To the right of the Med Clinic entrance.
At the C-Sec Academy entrance.

  • Presidium
Four are inside Citadel Tower.
In the back room of the Emporium, turn left.
On the balcony of the Embassy lounge.
In the rectangular room at the right of the C-Sec HQ at the embassy.
Outside Citadel Tower to the left of Avina.
In the Volus/Elcor office at the Embassy.
Opposite of Avina, halway between the Consort Chambers and the Emporium.
Outside the entrance of the Consort Chambers.
Outside the Wards Access entrance, very close to the arguing Preaching Hana and C-Sec officer.

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