Matt Hazard: Blood Bath And Beyond Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 1


Your Life For Mine (5 points) - Steal a life from a buddy, he doesn't need it.
Stick That In Your Archive (30 points) - Beat the game in single player mode.
Master Collector (25 points) - Collect all the Matt Hazard Game Boxes throughout the game.
My Buddy and Me (15 points) - Beat the game in Co-op mode.
Half Way There (10 points) - Beat half the game.
Score! (25 points) - Reach 500,000 points.
Come On Down! (30 points) - Collect all the pachinko coins
in the game.
Houston, we have Perfection (20 points) - Take no damage to the Landing Pod and land perfectly on the landing pad.
Its Aboot Time (10 points) - Beat "Oh. Canada." in 12 minutes.
Lights Out (10 points) - Defeat "Old Berney" without losing a life.
Smooth Sailing (10 points) - Beat "The Hate Boat" without using a continue.
With Honor (10 points) - Melee 10 Samurai in "Well FU too".