Matt Hazard: Blood Bath And Beyond Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2

Boss strategies

Defeat the following Bosses with the corresponding strategies:

The Hate Boat Boss
Shoot the Sub-ordinate using the Hold Position fire (it is possible to shoot through the platforms).
When it shoots its rockets, stand under the platforms for cover.
Be sure to jump from platform to platform to avoid the machine gun fire and the torpedoes.
Grenades inflict more damage to the Sub-ordinate.

Booty Call Boss
Avoid the anchor and shoot it until it is destroyed (use grenades to help).
Shoot the rockets to send them flying back at the lighthouse (shoot the rockets twice and they explode).
The lighthouse will start to blind Matt with its light. When this happens, the controls will be reversed.
Take out the oncoming enemies and avoid the falling cannonballs.

Oh Canada! Boss
Use grenades to aid in damaging Julia 5.
When it fires rockets, shoot them to destroy them.
When it shoots fire, get to the top platform on the left to avoid it.
Dismember the Alamo Boss Tips
Use grenades to help defeat the Scorpion Queen.
Time your jumps when it fires its machine guns and when it attacks with its tail.
Try to stay underneath it when it is on the ceiling and shoot up.

Well FU, Too! Boss
Avoid the rockets and jump to higher platforms when Rhinozilla charges.
Shoot the green lights on his nose and chest until they explode.
When Rhinozilla opens his mouth to present the large gun barrel, shoot it.
Shoot the rockets that he launches.

Whose Mine Is It Anyway? Boss
Stand inside the divot in the ground and shoot the Drill bot.
When it extends its drills it is about to charge, when this happens duck inside the divot to avoid being crushed.
Avoid the falling shards (you are not safe in the divot at this point).
When falling, shoot the drills that are extended.
Avoid the red laser and do not touch the sides of the walls.
When the Drill bot deploys its rockets, shoot them before they hit you.
When the Drill bot attacks with spewing lava, stand to the far side of the wall to avoid it.
Use grenades and continue shooting it until it is destroyed.

Zoom, Pow to the Moon! Lunar Lander
Stay light on the gas petal.
The steering is sensitive so just tap the directions.
Make slow descents.
When landing, go slow and make sure you are level.

Zoom, Pow to the Moon! Boss

Use the background shot to shoot the big robot.
Avoid his missile attacks and bomb attack.
When the robot comes up close, use grenades to help destroy it.

Rating 1


Your Life For Mine (5 points) - Steal a life from a buddy, he doesn't need it.
Stick That In Your Archive (30 points) - Beat the game in single player mode.
Master Collector (25 points) - Collect all the Matt Hazard Game Boxes throughout the game.
My Buddy and Me (15 points) - Beat the game in Co-op mode.
Half Way There (10 points) - Beat half the game.
Score! (25 points) - Reach 500,000 points.
Come On Down! (30 points) - Collect all the pachinko coins
in the game.
Houston, we have Perfection (20 points) - Take no damage to the Landing Pod and land perfectly on the landing pad.
Its Aboot Time (10 points) - Beat "Oh. Canada." in 12 minutes.
Lights Out (10 points) - Defeat "Old Berney" without losing a life.
Smooth Sailing (10 points) - Beat "The Hate Boat" without using a continue.
With Honor (10 points) - Melee 10 Samurai in "Well FU too".