Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

To bring up the code entry screen, pause the game in Adventure mode and press UP(2), DOWN(2), LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Invincibility - TimSweeneyHealth13
Arrows reveal weapon parts - WeaponPartTesting
Increased vehicle firepower - AndyGomez
Unlimited chainsaw - CliffyBFTW
Unlimited secondary items - stevebrooks
Unlimited specialty melee attack - JenniferSweeney
Blurry screen - Spielberg
Disable special tracking cameras - ihatefunkycameras
Empty shells stay in the air - GearsFTW
Faster music - upthejoltcola
Cactus Jack
First person view - MorgyTheMole (press Y to return to third person view, although without a head)
Jennifer's chest is bigger - ArieannDeFazioWithFlair
Monsters explode upon death - Willy
Monsters have more health - Legendary
No monsters - UnrealEngine3
Push objects away from player - SouthPeak
Slow motion - ZombiesHaveEatenMyNeighbors
Slow motion when hitting monster - StreetFighter
Slower framerate - GimmeFramerate
Low pitched voices - TalkDirtyToMe
Animal sounds - patrickdugan
Higher pitched voices - chipmunks
Very fast movement and weapon fire - MonsterHunter
Super jumps - Armstrong
Mirror mode - MirrorMirror
White graphics - TokenInverse
Blue and orange graphics - TitleTown
Red graphics - NotQuiteTitleTown
Remove film grain - reverb
Upside down screen - TopsyTurvy