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Mortal Kombat Cheats "Hidden avatar moves in King Of The Hill" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  VITA


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Hidden avatar moves in King Of The Hill

Watch a King Of The Hill match as a spectator in Theater mode, then highlight your avatar and press the X to display the "Avatar Move" menu. Afterward, activate the following moves by performing the corresponding combos:
#1 Point Press Down, Up, Y
"$%#&!" Press Up(2), B
"FATALITY!" Press Up(2), Right(2), X
"FIGHT!" Press Left, Right, X
"Finish Him!" Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Y
"HA!" Press Down, Up, Down, A
"I'm Not Worthy" Press Down(2), Y
Big Clap Press Right, Up, Y
Cheese Press Left, Up, Down, B
Cover Face Press Left, Right, B
Devil Horns Press Down, Up, X
Diamond Press Up, Down, Left, Y
Double Devil Horns Towards Screen. Press Up, Down, Y
Gather Ice Press Right(3), Left, Y
Hop Press Up(2), X
Lighter Press Down, Down, Up(2), X
Point Press Right(2), X
Raiden Pose Press Left(2), Right(2), X
Shake Head Press Left, Right, A
Sleep Press Down(3), B
Stink Wave Press Right, Left, B
Stretch Press Up, Down(2), B
Throw Tomato Press Down(3), Up, A

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