NASCAR 08 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 3

"Full Throttle" achievement hints

- Go to "Race Now", select a truck race, set the length to 100%, and choose Bristol as the track. Turn all damage, flags, and wear off. Start the race and drive. You will literally drive through the other trucks on the track. The race is 200 laps and should only take about 45 minutes to complete. Once you win, you will be at least 20 laps ahead and get an easy 100 gamer points.

-Select "Race Now", then choose the Craftsman truck class. Select the Bristol race track, then turn off "Collisions", "Flags" and "Damage". Proceed and choose a truck. Start the race. Line your truck up with the wall so it is parallel. Tape RT down so that you are accelerating and the walls will guide your truck around the track, giving you lap times of about 16 or 17 seconds. Allow the game to run in that state to unlock the achievement easily.

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at  "Main Menu" > "EA Sports Extras" > "Cheat Codes":

All Chase Mode Cars - 'CHECKERED FLAG'
All Fantasy Drivers - 'RACE THE PACK'
EA Sports Car - 'EA SPORTS CAR'
Walmart Car and Track - 'WALMART EVERYDAY'

Rating 2


Keep On Truckin' (10 points) - Win a Craftsman Truck Series race.
National Hero (10 points) - Win a NASCAR National Series race.
Badge Of Honor (10 points) - Complete a Driver Badge.
Custom Car Creator (10 points) - Complete a Custom Car for all racing series.
Heavy Medal (10 points) - Win a Medal in "The Chase" Mode.
We're Talkin' About Practice (10 points) - Record a Lap in Toyota "Test and Tune" Mode.
Trade Your Setup (10 points) - Upload a Car Setup to EA Locker.
3 Wide (10 points) - Earn Three Gold Medals in "The Chase" Mode.
Today Or Tomorrow? (10 points) - Win a NASCAR Car of Tomorrow race.
Play It Again, Sam. (10 points) - Save a Race Replay.
Chase For The Cup (25 points) - Win a Championship
in Season Mode using the Car of Tomorrow Series Full Schedule.
Earn Your Stripes (25 points) - Earn a License in "The Chase" Mode.
Independent Contractor (25 points) - Earn a Contract in "The Chase" Mode.
Online Horsepower (25 points) - Win an Online Race.
Licensed To Drive (25 points) - Complete all Licenses in "The Chase" Mode.
Craftsman Tools Reward (50 points) - Save a Craftsman Tools Car Setup at any Track.
Toyota Reward (50 points) - Complete all Toyota Challenges.
Sprint Reward (75 points) - Win a NEXTEL Cup in Season Mode using the NEXTEL Cup Series '07 Schedule.
Full Throttle (100 points) - Complete a 100% Length Race in Race Now or Season Mode.
Cross Country (100 points) - Drive 5,000 Total Miles.
Pay The Bills (100 points) - Complete all Contracts in "The Chase" Mode.
We Don't Need No Badges! (100 points) - Earn all Driver Badges.
Chase Champion (100 points) - Win a NEXTEL Cup in "The Chase" Mode.
All Or Nothing (100 points) - Reach 100% Game Progress.

Rating 1

Easy pole position at Daytona and Talladega

At Daytona and Talladega, turn off braking assists to allow your car to reach maximum speed.

Rating 1

Follow the leader challenge easy gold

To easily earn Gold in the Follow the Leader challenge, a the start of the race, start ramming your car into the wall. Hit it hard enough to destroy the suspension. If you hit the wall too many times without destroying the suspension you will lose. If done correctly you will pass the challenge.