NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 10


1%'er (25 points) - Earned a total of 1,000,000Cr.
First Steps (5 points) - Took part in a Career or Season Race.
Treat Yourself (5 points) - Purchased an item from the Reward Store.
Passing The Time (15 points) - Flipped the Track Pass 500 times during loading.
Draft Dodger (15 points) - Drafted a total of 1000 yards in a race.
Newbie (5 points) - Took part in a Public Online Race.
Upgrade Complete (10 points) - Purchased an upgrade.
Speed Star (25 points) - Won a Superspeedway race in Career or Season Mode.
Day At The Beach (30 points) - Won the Daytona 500.
Startin' on Pole (15 points) - Qualified on pole in Career or Season Mode.
Miles Away (25 points) - Won an Intermediate track race in Career or Season Mode.
In The Chase (25 points) - Made the Chase.
Chase Champion (15 points) - Won the Sprint Cup in Chase Mode.
Challenging (15 points) - Completed a Head to Head Challenge.
Short & Sweet (25 points) - Won a Short track race in Career or Season Mode.
Season Champion (25 points) - Won the Sprint Cup in Single Season Mode.
Van Gogh (10 points) - Created a custom paint scheme.
Turn Right? (25 points) - Won a Road Course race in Career or Season Mode.
Last Man Standing (25 points) - Won an Eliminator Invitational event.
Snap Happy (5 points) - Took a picture in Photo Mode.
Trend Setter (20 points) - Finished a race with the fastest lap 100 times.
Contender (20 points) - Won a Public Online Race.
Mano a Mano (25 points) - Won a Driver Duel Invitational event.
Champion (50 points) - Won the Sprint Cup in Career Mode.
Taking Care Of Business (20 points) - Signed a sponsor to each location on the car.
Clock Watcher (25 points) - Earned Gold at a Thunderlap Invitational event.
Action Shot (15 points) - Took a picture of the car with all four wheels off the track.
Long Road Back (20 points) - Won a Public Online Race after qualifying last.
Consistent (25 points) - Won a Gauntlet Invitational event.
Brainiac (20 points) - Answered 150 trivia questions correctly.
Director (5 points) - Saved a replay of a race.
Gear Head (15 points) - Created a custom setup.
Lap It Up (20 points) - Lapped an opponent in a Public Online Race.
Maxed Out! (25 points) - Fully upgraded the Career Car.
Serious (15 points) - Won a race with no assists.
Collector (20 points) - Purchased everything in the Reward Store.
Hustler (25 points) - Won a Public Online Race after passing 5 cars on the last lap.
Slippery (25 points) - Completed a race without touching another car.
The King (50 points) - Won the Sprint Cup in Career Mode while playing on Champion difficulty.
Perfect Day (25 points) - Qualified in pole, led all laps, won the race.
Gambler (25 points) - Ran out of fuel and coasted into pit road.
Photo Finish (15 points) - Won an offline race by less than 0.02 seconds.
Challenger (20 points) - Completed an Inside Line Highlight Challenge.
Challenge Complete (20 points) - Completed all Inside Line Highlight Challenges.
The Intimidator (10 points) - Spun out an opponent.
Ironman (25 points) - Took part in 250 Public Online Races.
Shake & Bake (15 points) - Slingshotted to victory in the final straight.
Pass in the Grass (20 points) - Won a race after overtaking on grass.
Polish Victory Lap (15 points) - Completed a victory lap driving the opposite direction around the track.
Too Much! (25 points) - Won the race after crossing the finishing line backwards.

Rating 1

Unlockable Paint Schemes

Activate the following paint schemes by entering the corresponding codes in the My Rewards section of the main menu:

3 Custom paint schemes GoDaddy
FOX Sports paint schemes foxsports
SPEED Channel paint scheme speedtv