NBA 2K7 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 4

Complete Crib objectives easier

Create a player as a center and max out his height and attributes. Place him on the Pistons. Go to the "Game Sliders" menu and lower the CPU Sliders to "0" for all sliders for every category, and max out all your sliders (for all categories). Go to your Crib and see which objectives need to be done. Play a game as the Pistons against the Heat (they are a slow, half court team). Use your created center and perform all of the objectives possible in a twelve minute quarter game. You should be able to finish most of the objectives by the third or fourth game.

Rating 2

Magic Johnson bobblehead's eyes

Go to the bobbleheads in your crib. When you spin Magic Johnson watch his eyes. They will follow you where ever you go.

Rating 2

Recommended team

-The Seattle Supersonics are probably the best team in the game. They have three players who can all drain the 3 pointer: Rashard Lewis, Ray Allen, and Luke Ridnour. It is possible to take about 45 to 50 threes on average per game with them. Note: Ignore the bad rating on the main menu.

-The easiest way to have a successful season is to play as the Rockets and trade a player under 70 overall for Gilbert Arenas. Then, trade a player under 80 overall for Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade. Next, go into your line up and make sure it is as follows:

Yao Ming (C)
Mutumbo (PF)
Tracy McGrady (SF)
Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade (SG)
Gilbert Arenas (PG).

This creates an excellent rebounding team with the double center setup, as well as a great three pointer team with Bryant or Wade and Arenas. It also sets up a good driving team with Bryant or Wade, Arenas and McGrady.

-Select the Phoenix Suns as they have Nash, Bell, and Barbosa, which have a 89 3 Point rating, making possible to make plenty of three pointers with them.

Rating 1


1 Ranked Win (15 points) - Win 1 ranked game online.
3 Ranked Win Streak (15 points) - Win 3 ranked games in a row online.
1 Ranked Street Win (15 points) - Win 1 ranked street game online.
5 Ranked Wins (15 points) - Win 5 ranked games online.
10 Ranked Wins (25 points) - Win 10 ranked games online.
Online League Game (15 points) - Complete a league game online.
Online Tournament Game (15 points) - Complete a tournament game online.
"My Availability" (10 points) - Set up "My Availability".
5 Ranked Win Streak (20 points) - Win 5 ranked games in a row online.
20 Ranked Wins (35 points) - Win 20 ranked games online.
Team Assists (20 points) - Dish out 30 assists.
Team Blocks (20 points) - Block 15 shots.
Team Steals (20 points) - Snatch 15 stls.
Team Rebounds (20 points) - Out-rebound your opponent by 15.
Team 3pt FG's (15 points) - Make 15 3pt FG's.
Defensive FG% (15 points) - Hold the opposing team's FG% below 40%.
Lights Out (15 points) - Shoot over 65% from the field with any team for this achievement (min 40 FGA's).
Track Meet (15 points) - Score 40 fastbreak points.
Second Unit (15 points) - Score 40 bench points.
Inside Domination (20 points) - Score 60 points in the paint.
Good Hands (20 points) - Record 20 assists and less than 6 turnovers.
All-Hustle (15 points) - Record 10 off rebounds, 5 blocks, and 5 steals.
All-Heart (15 points) - Start the 4th period down by 10 points and win.
Team 3pt FG's (20 points) - Make 10 3pt FG's with 45% 3pt%.
Ice Water (15 points) - Shoot over 85% from the free throw line with any team (minimum 15 FTA's).
Lockdown (20 points) - Record 10 blocks and 10 steals.
Celtics vs. Lakers Rivalry (30 points) - Win this rivalry as BOS or LAL in Hall of Fame difficulty.
Spurs vs. Mavs Rivalry (30 points) - Win this rivalry as SA or DAL in Hall of Fame difficulty.
Pistons vs. Heat Rivalry (30 points) - Win this rivalry as DET or MIA in Hall of Fame difficulty.
Knicks vs. Nets Rivalry (30 points) - Win this rivalry as NY or NJ in Hall of Fame difficulty.
Lakers vs. Clippers Rivalry (30 points) - Win this rivalry as LAL or LAC in Hall of Fame difficulty.
East vs. West Rivalry (30 points) - Win this rivalry as the East or West in Hall of Fame difficulty.
LeBron James (20 points) - Record 30 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists with LeBron James.
Dwyane Wade (20 points) - Record 30 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists with Dwyane Wade.
Kobe Bryant (20 points) - Score 81 points with Kobe Bryant.
Allen Iverson (20 points) - Record 30 points, 10 assists, and 5 stls with Allen Iverson.
Steve Nash (20 points) - Record 20 points and 12 assists with Steve Nash.
Shawn Marion (20 points) - Record 25 points and 15 rebounds with Shawn Marion.
Andrei Kirilenko (20 points) - Record a 5x5 with Andrei Kirilenko.
Shaquille O'Neal (20 points) - Record 25 points, 12 rebounds, and 5 blocks with Shaquille O'Neal.
Ben Wallace (20 points) - Record 15 rebounds, 5 blocks, and 5 steals with Ben Wallace.
Kevin Garnett (20 points) - Record 28 points, 15 rebounds, and 7 assists with Kevin Garnett.
Yao Ming (20 points) - Record 30 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 blocks with Yao Ming.
Tim Duncan (20 points) - Record 30 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 blocks with Tim Duncan.
Wilt Chamberlain (20 points) - Score 100 points with any player.
George Gervin (20 points) - Score 25 points in a period with any player.
Magic Johnson (20 points) - Dish out 20 assists with any player.
Bill Russell (20 points) - Grab 25 rebounds with any player.
Mo Cheeks (20 points) - Snatch 10 steals with any player.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (20 points) - Block 10 shots with any player.

Rating 1

Easy achievements hints

For all the rivalries such as Pistons vs. Heat, if you want to be the Heat, go to manage the team rosters and make everyone's height on the Pistons 4'6". Then, change everyone on the Heat to 7'6". This way, you will be able to shoot easily and don't even have to save the roster. Make sure that you set the difficulty to Hall of Fame before beginning the game or it will not count. Do this for all the rivalries for lots of Gamerscore points. If you want even more Gamerscore points, you can trade players such as Yao Ming or anyone you need to get certain stats with, to a team that you need to win a rivalry. By doing this, you can get two achievements or more in one game.

-Use the following trick to get easy player achievements such as 81 points with Kobe Bryant. Begin the game with the player's team, then pause game play. Go to the screen with your settings and turn your attributes all the way up, then turn player lock on the person you need to be. Next, turn the foul bars all the way down (reaching is the biggest). After this, you can make almost half court swishes and easy dunks. When the opponent gets the ball back after you score, wait by the man they will pass to and simply steal the ball when he has it. You can be reckless because there are no fouls. You can even do rivalries at the same time and get the Magic Johnson ones as well.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at "Main Menu" > "Features" > "Codes":

2007 All-Star Ball - "ply8mia"
2007 All-Star Uniforms - "syt6cii"
ABA Ball - "payrespect"
Bobcats Alternate Jersey - "bcb8sta"
Defensive Awareness(+10) - "getstops"
International All-Star Team - "tns9roi"
Jazz Alternate Jersey - "zjb3lau"
Maximum Durability for One Game - "ironman"
NBA 2k Team - "bestsim"
Nets Alternate Jersey - "nrd4esj"
New Orleans Hornets Valentines Day Jersey - "vdr5lya"
Offensive Awareness(+10) - "inthezone"
Superstar Team - "rta1spe"
St. Patricks Day Uniforms(Knicks, Bulls, Celtics) - "tpk7sgn"
Topps 2K Sports All-Stars - "topps2ksports"
Unlimited Stamina for One Game - "norest"
Wizards Alternate Jersey - "zw9idla"