NBA Ballers: Chosen One Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2

Easy win hint

Get three Shut Em' Down platforms, then create a baller that has a Dunk Shut Em' Down which is activated by pressing R2 + L2, it ends the match. If it is a long match or one you cannot beat them them, perform a lot of tricks and make sure they are better at dunking than shooting or he will shoot it and you will win.

Rating 2

Easy Crowd Alley-Oop

Press A to pass to your pass-to-partner, then run near the basket to the end of the charge line that is closer to you. Once you get there, stop and press X. This will make your pass-to-partner throw you an alley-oop. Your player will automatically jump up for the ball and dunk it.

Rating 1


Free Throw (25 points) - Beat Episode 1.
Jump Shot (25 points) - Beat Episode 2.
3-Pointer (25 points) - Beat Episode 3.
Dynasty! (40 points) - Beat Episode 4.
Legend! (50 points) - Beat Episode 5.
Hall-of-Fame! (200 points) - Beat Episode 6.
Can't Stop the Reign (100 points) - Unlock all Super Dunks.
Double Double (100 points) - Beat every Episode of Story Mode twice.
Takin' it Downtown (10 points) - Win Your First Ranked Match on Xbox LIVE.
Getting Into It (25 points) - Win 5 Ranked Matches.
Dedicated (100 points) - Win 25 Ranked Matches.
Show-n-Prove (25 points) - Perform a Shut 'Em Down Move in a Ranked Match.
Achiever (25 points) - Perform a Level 3 Shut 'Em Down Move in any Ranked Match.
Big Air (50 points) - Make a 3-pt. Shot in a 2v2 match beyond the Half-Court Line in Single Player Game Modes.
Show Off! (100 points) - Perform a Level 3 Shut 'Em Down Move in a Single Match in Single Player Game Modes.
Pass the Rock! (20 points) - Complete an Alley-Oop from your Pass-To Buddy in a Single Player 1v1 or Xbox LIVE Match.
Just Getting Started (20 points) - Complete Your First Chapter of Story Mode.
Own the Court (50 points) - Perform a 7-Move Combo String in Single Player Game Modes.
Loser (0 points) - Lose 5 consecutive Ranked Matches.
Respect (10 points) - Watch the credits movie.

Rating 0

1v1v1 opponent Act-A-Fool combos

While playing a 1v1v1 game and one of your opponents does an Act-A-Fool combo on your other opponent, you can run up and steal the ball from him. They will both remain standing there, as if it is still going on.