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NCAA Football 10 Cheats "Pennant passwords" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PSP


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Pennant passwords

Unlock the following pennants by entering the corresponding passwords:

#200, first and 15 - THANKS
QB can throw passes beyond the line of scrimmage - TIBURON
Opponent fumbles when he tries to juke - CHAMPS
Ref spots the ball short for your opponent - FOR
Upright is very narrow on opponent's field goal attempts - 08
Opponent's QB throws passes high and wobbly - ELITE 11
QB almost impossible to sack - OFFENSE
Double opponent's penalty yardage for a game - NCAA
Extra Credit - TOUCHDOWN
1st and 5 - UNDEFEATED
5 downs instead of 4 to make a 1st down - IMPACT
Points when your player is injured - HEISMAN
Unlimited timeouts for a game - FOOTBALL
Kicker has greater distance for a game - GRIDIRON
Improves team's pass rush for a game - TURNOVER
Improves player's catching ability for a game - IN THE ZONE
Increase wind in your direction on field goal attempts - SIDELINE
Increase DB's chance of jamming a receiver at the line - DEFENSE
Increase opponent's chance of dropping a pass - REGISTERING
Increase opponent's chances of injury for a game - BLITZ
Increase opponent's fatigue factor for a game - GAME TIME
Increases opponent's fumbles for a game - WITH EA
Increases player's ability to break tackles for a game - BREAK FREE
Increases player's chance of intercepting a pass - HAND PICKED
Increases QB's passing accuracy for a game - NO SWEAT
Increases receiver's chance of burning coverage deep - LIGHT SPEED
Keeps QB from throwing interceptions or fumbling - EA SPORTS
Super dive - UPSET

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