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NCAA Football 11 Cheats ""Treasure Hunter" achievement hint" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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"Treasure Hunter" achievement hint

First, set "Quarters" to "1 minute" and the difficulty to "Freshman". Begin a Dynasty and sim to the Bowl Week. Go under the "ESPN" tab in your Dynasty and go to "Scores/Schedules". Go to the bowl game you need the bowl achievement for, then select the better team by "Overall" and not by rank. Pick to kick the ball away. Super sim to the second half. If your team scores in the first half, they will get the ball back in the second. If you are ahead, Super Sim to the end of game. Note: You must win the game to receive that bowl achievement. Repeat the process for all Bowl achievement games including the BSC game.

2 years ago

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